Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe Who has never played tic-tac-toe? This is one of the most popular and entertaining hobbies to remember. Besides being simple and fast, this game helps to greatly improve your logic ability.


    Tic Tac Toe: how to play step by step? ūüôā

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    Step 1 . Open your preferred browser and go to the game website  Emulador.online.

    Step 2 . As soon as you enter the website, the game will already be displayed on the screen. You just have to click  Play and you can start playing, choose to play against the machine or play with a friend. You can also choose the number of squares the board should have.

    Step 3.  Here are some useful buttons. You can " Add or remove sound ", hit the " Play " button and start playing, you can " Pause " and " Restart " at any time.

    Step 4. Get three of your tiles to line up vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

    Step 5.  After completing a game, click  "Restart"  to start over.

    There are several sites that make¬†Tic Tac Toe¬†available for free.¬†You can play with a robot or with a person.¬†Even Google makes it available.¬†In short, you just need to search for ‚Äútic-tac-toe‚ÄĚ on the platform.

    Above all, this game is suitable for anyone from the age of five.

    What is the Tic Tac Toe? ūü§ď

    tic tac toe history

    Tic Tac Toe is an extremely simple game of rules, which does not bring great difficulties to its players and is easily learned. The origin is unknown, with indications that it may have started in ancient Egypt, where trays carved out of the rock, which were more than 3,500 years old, were found.

    The object of the game is to place O or three X's in a straight line.

    History of Tic Tac Toe damas.club/" aria-current="page">ūüėĄ

    history tic tac toe

    The game became popular in England in the 19th century , when women gathered in the late afternoon to talk and embroider. However, the elders, because they could no longer embroider due to their weak eyes, were entertained by the game which was renamed Noughts and Crosses .

    But the origin of the game is much older. Excavations at the Kurna temple in Egypt found references to it dating from the 14th century BC . But other archaeological finds show that Tic Tac Toe and many other similar pastimes were developed independently in the most different regions of the planet : they were also played in ancient China, pre-Columbian America and the Roman Empire, among others.

    In 1952, the EDSAC computer game OXO was developed , where the player challenged the computer in Tic Tac Toe games. Thus arose one of the first video games of which there are news.

    Tic Tac Toe Rules ūüďŹ

    tic tac toe table

    • The board is a¬†three row by three column¬†matrix¬†.
    • Two players choose one mark each, usually a¬†circle (O) and a cross (X).
    • Players play alternately,¬†one move per turn¬†, on an empty space on the board.
    • The objective is to¬†get three circles or three crosses in a row¬†, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, and at the same time, whenever possible, prevent the opponent from winning on the next move.
    • When a player achieves the objective,¬†all three symbols are usually crossed out.

    If both players always play their best, the game will always end in a draw.

    The logic of the game is very simple, so it is not difficult to deduce or memorize all the possibilities to make the best move, although the total number of possibilities is very large, most are symmetrical and the rules are simple.

    For this reason, it is very common for the game to be a draw (or "get old").

    1. Winner : If you have two pieces in a row, place the third.
    2. Block : If the opponent has two pieces in a row, place the third to block him.
    3. Triangle - Create an opportunity where you can win in two ways.
    4. Block the opponent's triangle
    5. Center : Play in the center.
    6. Empty Corner - Play in an empty corner.

    Tips on how to win

    tic tac toe

    In order to exercise logical thinking, this hobby has some tricks that help when leaving.

    1 - Place one of the symbols in the corner of the board

    Suppose one of the players placed the X in a corner. This strategy helps to induce the opponent to make a mistake, because if he places an O in a space in the center or to the side of the board, he will most likely lose.

    2 - Block the opponent

    However, if the opponent places an O in the center, you should try to place an X on a line that only has a blank space between its symbols. Thus, you will be blocking the opponent and creating more chances for your victory.

    3- Increase your chances of victory

    To increase your chances of winning, it is always a good idea to place your symbol on different lines. If you put two Xs in a row, your opponent will notice and block you. But if you spread your X on other lines, you increase your chances of winning.

    How to make a human Tic Tac Toe ? ūü•á

    tic tac toe human

    Assemble the board

    Choose an open, flat place to play. Next, distribute the hula hoops in three rows and three rows, like a paper tic-tac-toe game board. Do not leave too much space between the hula hoops.

    • If you are playing indoors with a hard floor,¬†use tape to make the board¬†.¬†On concrete, you can also draw the lines with chalk.
    • So that no one gets hurt during the game, look at the ground for holes, dangerous debris (such as broken glass), or some other type of hazard, such as roots and stones.
    • Try setting up more than one board if you have a large number of players.¬†Ideally, each team should have between one and three participants.¬†

    Separate teams

    The human tic-tac-toe game can be played individually or in teams. In the second case, each team must have a maximum of three members. Each board must have two teams competing, one on each side.

    • You can even allow teams with more than three players, but this will slow down the game and may end up boring the younger players.

    Choose the team to start 

    Choose who will make the first move with the coin or coin. Another option is to ask each team to choose a leader to take, who will start with the rock, paper, and scissors. The first team to play will get X, while the second team will get O.

    • To make the game more hectic, ask players to compete in a round trip and take the first step for the winners.
    • Keep playing until one team can fill three squares in a row.¬†Give four cloth bags to each team.¬†Use different colored bags to differentiate X from O. Each team must place one bag on the board at a time until one of them wins or the game draws.¬†If teams have more than one participant, ask one member of each team to play at the same time.
    • Remove the bags from the board to restart the game.¬†So that participants don't get tired of always playing on the same teams, try swapping them with each other.

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