Sorcerer Game. It is a very fun game, it develops logic and memory and spatial skills. Know its history, its variants and how to play.


    Sorcerer Game: how to play step by step? ūüôā

    To play Sorcerer Game online for free, simply  follow these step-by-step instructions   :

    Step 1    . Open your preferred browser and go to the game website

    Step 2¬†¬†¬†.¬†As soon as you enter the website, the game will already be displayed on the screen.¬†You just have to click¬†¬†Play ¬†and you can start choosing the configuration that you like the most.¬†ūüôā

    Step 3. Here are some useful buttons. You can "   Add or remove sound   ", press the " Play  " button   and start playing, you can "   Pause   " and "   Restart   " at any time.

    Step 4.    To win the game you must eat all the apples without hitting the walls or yourself . Whoever gets the most points at the end of the game will win.

    Step 5.      After completing a game, click     "Restart"     to start over.

    What is Sorcerer game?¬†ūüĒī

    sorcerer online

    Sorcerer is a simple and fun game that you can access online through this page.

    Snake-type games are the most sought after due to their simplicity, playability and for being extremely fun, and Sorcerer is one of the games that meets all these characteristics.

    The sorcerer throws colored balls through his stick on a chain, which is made up of these same sphericals. The mission of the witcher is to make all the balls disappear before they reach the final hole. To do this, you must join three or more balls of the same color so that they explode and disappear from the chain and achieve your goal.

    Sorcerer Story ‚öę

    arte fractal

    Games like Sorcerer, which aim to destroy the chain of balls by throwing colored bubbles from a fixed point, were created in 1995.

    The target audience was children. It was a children's game , since its mechanism was simple and the colored balls were liked by all children. But in a short period of time, it turned out that not only children wanted to play, adults also loved this game . This pleasantly surprised its creators and more versions were created with this same theme.

    Its great popularity was due to the fact that it could be played through a computer after purchasing the cartridge, which is why it was considered a pc game. Nowadays, it is not necessary to physically buy the game which is a great advance.

    Its simple design means that it can be played on any device, whether through consoles, mobiles, tablets and even free through online pages.

    With no big introductions, no bulky or complicated graphics requirements, this is a simple, challenging and entertaining game.

    Types of Sorcerer games ūüĒĶ


    Sorcerer game is a kind of colored ball games . You can also know it as Bubble games or bubble shooter and the objective is the same, destroy the chain or sequence of colored balls by throwing bubbles. When you put together three or more of the same color, they are eliminated.

    We are going to name the most representative games of this format.

    Bubble shoter

    It is one of the most famous bubbles . In this case it is not a chain of balls, but the balls accumulate on the ceiling of the screen and you must eliminate them before they descend to the ground.

    Bubble blaster

    Another classic of bubble video games, with a very simple but fast system that forces you to think fast if you don't want the machine to beat you.

    The bubbles revolve around a spiral that is dangerously close to the center. To prevent this from happening, you have to shoot bubbles to introduce them into the chain, making groups of 3 or more so that it becomes shorter. If you finish with one of the chains you will go to the next level, faster and more difficult. Will you be the one to finally defeat the multicolored snake?

    Bubble Fruits

    In this case, there are modifications and the fact is that the bubbles are shaped like different fruits , which you will have to join in groups of 3 or more to eliminate them and clear the screen.

    However, this game has a few elements that make it stand out. For example, as time goes by the bubbles go down , so if you don't react quickly, you may find yourself at the end of the game much earlier than you expect.

    And if you still want to make it more exciting, try the colorblind mode, in which the colors are altered and you may have it easier, or not.

    Rules of the game Sorcerer ūüďŹ

    sorcerer ball

    Playing Sorcerer is very easy and fun , that is why it is an ideal game for children and adults.

    All we have to do is use the magician's staff to send the balls to the correct place in the chain. Our goal is to create a group of at least 3 identical balls so that these balls disappear from the chain and thus prevent it from growing.

    You have to eliminate all the balls before they reach the end of the path and slip through the hole.

    Hurry because it goes very fast! There are 3 different levels to complete the game.

    Tips about the game Sorcerer ūüôā

    sorcerer online

    Sorcerer doesn't have very complicated rules, but that doesn't mean it's a boring game. In fact, if you don't take these tips into account, you are likely to get stuck in the levels and not be able to pass them.

    Do not trust

    This is the first advice we give you. At first it seems that it has no complications and that you are going to pass the level quickly. But no! When you want to see it, the chain of balls is so big and goes so fast that you don't have time to remove it and all you get is to put colored balls in the wrong places.

    Eliminate balls

    Yes, we already know that that is the goal. But which balls would you remove first?

    Whenever you can remove the balls from the head of the chain. Remember that these will be the first to reach the hole that leads to our disqualification, and this is what we want to avoid.

    Forget about the latest ones, at least as long as the chain is big.

    Automatic deletion

    What is this automatic deletion? Some kind of spell from the magician? Well, no. This would be the same as having a strategy. We must ensure that when eliminating a color from the chain, the same color coincides at its ends so that they are eliminated by themselves when the first one disappears.

    Very messy? I give you an example.

    In our chain we have the following sequence: Yellow, lilac, lilac, yellow, yellow, blue, green, yellow ...

    The ideal place to launch the lilac ball would be between the two lilacs together. So, we remove the lilac color from the row, right? And the next thing that will happen is that when the yellow color comes together, three yellow balls coincide that by themselves disappear.


    Did you like the versions of this game? Did these tricks help you ? As you can see, there are tons of games and ways to enjoy the Sorcerer game.

    What are you waiting for to start enjoying!

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