Which mobile operator has the fastest Internet in 4G LTE?

Which mobile operator has the fastest Internet in 4G LTE?


In Italy, mobile networks have undergone a major change compared to the past and after the merger between two of the four main mobile Internet operators, Wind and three, we have the entry into the field of the operator Iliad, which with its low rates it is doing great competition with other traditional operators (more than 3 million users in a year and a half). But among all these operators Which ones should you choose based on the speed of your Internet connection? It is easy to take the false promises of the advertisements and graphics offered by the operator itself (often false) and point to the wrong operator for our city or for the area in which we live.

If we really want to find out which mobile operator has the fastest Internet in 4G LTE In our area, you have reached the appropriate guide: here we will show you all the independent tests carried out by third parties or by the users of the different operators themselves, so that you can know precisely if there is good coverage on the street where we live (essential have a good speed) and what speed we can reach with the chosen operator.

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    The fastest Internet operator on LTE

    In the following chapters we will show you the tests carried out by third parties to check the speed of mobile Internet connections throughout the country and, for those who want to know the speed in the city or on the street where they live, we will also show you the tools to being able to do the test independently, without having to buy the SIM first. At the time We will only see 4G LTE technology, still very widespread and capable of giving good speed in almost all scenarios (we find 5G only in large cities).

    Independent body tests

    If we want to know immediately which is the best Italian operator in average speed on the mobile line, we can download and analyze the PDF offered by SpeedTest, which annually awards the fastest mobile network in Italy.

    According to the graph and the data reported by this study, the fastest LTE network in Italy is Tre wind with a total score of 43,92 (winner of the Speedtest award). Almost 10 points behind we find TIM with 32,95 points, Iliad with 31,34 points and surprise tail Vodafone, which reaches the tests with only 30,20 points. These data present many surprises that knock down many topics: Wind Tre takes the lead and beats TIM (who has always been considered the best in Italy) and Vodafone collapses miserably, also being beaten by Iliad (the last arrival).

    To consolidate these data and interpret them correctly we must consider another independent body for speed testsIe OpenSignal (owners of the famous application). By accessing the broadband snapshots page, we can take a look at the main Italian regions, comparing the coverage of all operators in cities, suburbs and rural areas.

    By carefully analyzing the charts, we can see that Fastweb and TIM are performing well in almost all scenarios (especially in the suburbs), WindTre ranks second in speed in cities and dominates in rural areas and Vodafone is also in this case the worst operator (if the urban areas of Lombardy and Sicily are excluded). The Iliad operator is missing from this graph, it is not considered for testing (it will probably be inserted in the future).

    How to test your network speed yourself

    We don't want to follow the independent testing suggestions and want to "touch" the speed of the network in our area or at home? In this case, we recommend that you use the coverage and speed map offered to Nperf, available on the official website.

    From this site it will be enough to choose the operator to test and verify both the network coverage (LTE and LTE Advanced) and the real speed reported by the tests carried out by the users. Once you have chosen the operator, click Network coverage or on Download speed To choose which test to carry out then use the map below to find the city, area or street where we live or where we want to test, also using the search field available at the top left of the map. This tool can be very useful, for example if we have to buy a new house or rent, so that we can check which operator is good and if it is necessary to change the SIM while keeping the number, as is also seen in the guide. How to perform number portability and change phone offers.

    Alternatively we can use the OpenSignal application, available free for Android and iPhone.

    By installing this application and providing all the necessary permits, we will be able to verify the LTE coverage and mobile internet speed for any road or area in Italy; to continue, all we have to do is open the menu at the bottom Map, wait for the detection of our position then press at the top of the menu All 2G / 3G / 4G, to unlock the menu where you can choose the mobile operator to test and the type of network (for this test we recommend that you leave only the item 4G).


    With the tests of independent organizations and the tests that we can carry out with our computer or smartphone, we can quickly find the best Internet operator for our area, so that we can always navigate at the maximum possible speed, without falling into the traps and advertisements that Operators often go to television or radio. Independent tests say Wind Tre is the best mobile operator in Italy, but this result must be taken with caution: it is better to personally check the coverage and make sure it gets along well in our home or office.

    If we are looking for an even faster mobile network we will have to focus on 5G, which is not yet widespread but at a level higher than 4G; to know more we can read our guide How to verify 5G coverage.
    If, on the contrary, we are looking for a way to verify the coverage of the fiber optic for the fixed line, we suggest you read our articles Fiber coverage for TIM, Fastweb, Vodafon, WindTre and others mi Best Fiber Optic: check coverage and offers.

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