Use an instant translator of interpreter: Smartphone or devices to buy

Use an instant translator of interpreter: Smartphone or devices to buy


When we travel abroad, the biggest problem is undoubtedly the foreign language: although now everyone speaks a little English, we can find it difficult to make ourselves understood by the natives of the place, especially if they only speak theirs. tongue. Fortunately, translation technology has come a long way in recent years and it is possible, with small portable devices, get an instant and fast translation while we start a discussion.
In this guide we will show you indeed the best instant translators that you can buy online so that you can speak and translate into the local language and vice versa listen to the dialogues of our interlocutors and understand each word said. These devices are very useful and practical and can be used for any trip abroad.

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Best instant translators


Instant translators have a variety of functionalities and, before buying the first model that we immediately find, it is always worth taking a look at the characteristics that these devices should have, so choose only the models that best suit our needs. translation needs.

Real-time role interpreter


A good instant translator must have the following characteristics to be defined as such and be able to respond to all our translation needs:

  • Supported languages- One of the most important parameters, as there are many different instant translators available and we have to choose one that supports at least the most popular languages ​​or languages ​​that we may have problems with when we are abroad. So let's make sure it supports English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and Portuguese.
  • Translation methods- In addition to the supported languages, let's make sure that the chosen instant translator has different translation modes. The simplest is linear translation (from language A to language B or vice versa), while the more expensive and advanced models allow instant translation into two different languages, without having to press buttons or configure languages ​​before dialogue (bidirectional translation) .
  • Connectivity: to be able to translate efficiently and quickly, the vast majority of instant translators must be connected to the Internet, in order to benefit from the online translation engines and artificial intelligence developed by the manufacturers of these devices. The simplest models connect via Bluetooth to the smartphone (which must therefore always be connected to the Internet), while other more expensive models have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a dedicated SIM card to be able to connect independently in any situation.
  • Autonomy: as these are portable devices, they have an internal lithium-ion battery, capable of guaranteeing at least 5-6 hours of translation before being permanently downloaded. In this case, it is essential to always carry a compatible USB charger or, since we are abroad, also a powerbank of adequate size (such as those seen in the guide How to keep your smartphone always charged).
  • Size and shape- The shape and size of the translator is also very important, as an instant translator should be easy to hold and also convenient to turn on and off when needed. Although various devices with various shapes are available, we always try to target models with an ergonomic shape (in the form of voice recorders).

If the devices respect these characteristics, we can aim at them with our eyes closed, sure of the good result.

Interpreter translators that you can buy


After seeing the functionalities that instant translators must have, let's see together what devices we can buy on Amazon, which has always been one of the benchmarks for online e-commerce thanks to its full guarantee, which we also talked about in the guide . Amazon's guarantee reimburses money spent within two years.

Among the smallest and cheapest instant translators we find the Travis Touch Go, available on Amazon for less than € 200.

This device can translate 155 languages ​​in bidirectional mode (with translations that can be obtained in less than a second), it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and data network connection (via eSIM) and, once connected to the Internet, uses advanced intelligence. artificial cloud type to help us with translations in real time. This translator is accompanied by a 2,4-inch touch screen and several function keys to select the language in which to translate.

Another good instant translator that we can consider is the Smart Vormor Translator, available on Amazon for less than € 250.

This device has an ergonomic and compact shape, a 2.4-inch color screen and a rear camera, to be able to frame and translate even the posters and messages that we can find in the streets of the foreign country. Thanks to the wireless connection, it allows instant and bidirectional translation of up to 105 languages, with truly enviable precision.

If, on the other hand, we are looking for highly advanced translators reserved for business clients, the first device to consider is the Basque Mini 2, available on Amazon for less than € 300.

The design is reminiscent of previous generation Apple iPod Minis, and for easy portability, it also comes with a comfortable case, so you can always take it with us without fear of damage or loss. As a translator, it supports up to 50 languages, offers bidirectional translation mode and can connect to any mobile data network for free, anywhere in the world (thanks to the manufacturer's roaming agreements, which guarantees access via LTE).

If, on the contrary, we are looking for a compact and practical two-way translation device such as headphones, we can focus on the high-end product. WT2 Plus, available on Amazon for less than € 200.

These headphones are reminiscent of the Apple AirPods but they work as two-way and universal translators, flanked by the application (to be installed on our mobile device). Once connected to the dedicated translation app, all you have to do is pass the handset to our interlocutor and start talking to the other handset: we can speak in our language, the other person will surely understand us, and we can also understand everything. he says. This spectacular portable translator translates up to 40 different languages ​​and 93 accents, so you can also understand the dialogues of specific regions of the chosen country.


    Use your smartphone as a real-time interpreter

    Without buying anything, you can also use the Google Translate real-time interpreter mode what time is it too integrated into the Google Assistant which is now available on Android and iPhone devices. The translation supports a total of 44 languages ​​to choose from, including Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and many more. Once the interpreter mode is activated, you can simply speak into the device to get the translation displayed on the screen and read aloud by the Google Assistant, so you can chat with people who speak different languages.

    How to activate the interpreter mode of the Google Assistant

    On your phone, open the Google Assistant by saying "Ok Google" or by opening the Google app and tapping the microphone button in the search bar. To start the interpreter mode, just say "Hello Google, be my Russian interpreter"or the language you want. You can also use other voice commands such as:"Help me to speak Spanish"or"Interpreting from Romanian to Dutch" Or simply: "French interpreter"O"Activate interpreter mode".

    The wizard will then ask you to tap the microphone button and start speaking. On the screen you can immediately read the translation and a series of responses in the translated language to continue having a fluent conversation.



    Until a few years ago, universal translators were pure science fiction, whereas today they are easily bought on Amazon and also work quite well, helping us overcome the language barrier when traveling abroad.

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    Are we looking for a two-way translator for Skype? We can use the built-in translator, as is also seen in our guide. Skype Translator as an automatic audio interpreter in voice and video chat.

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