Tablet for school: which one to choose

Tablet for school: which one to choose


A few decades ago to study it was enough to have all the school books indicated to the teacher; Today, on the other hand, the young and very young who attend school and high school must necessarily have at least one tablet, which is not useful for taking notes, for doing research on the Web and to deepen some points of study together with the teacher but also to quickly organize a remote lesson or to study with classmates via videoconference (which is even more important in case of restrictions and limitations imposed by the health authorities.

Just because a tablet is essential in a modern student's study path, in this guide we will show you the best tablets for school that you can buy online, so you can only choose models that are fast, agile, and app-compatible that are useful for education. If we want buy the new tablet for school in a physical store or in a shopping center it is always advisable to take a look first at the suggested technical characteristics, to avoid buying slow, non-expandable tablets of doubtful compatibility.

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    The best school tablet

    There are numerous tablets suitable for school, but only a few really deserve to be considered for teaching. Some teachers and professors will impose specific models for the whole class, so always ask before making a purchase that may be incorrect.

    Technical characteristics

    Before buying any tablet to dedicate to school, we advise you to check the following technical characteristics:

    • Processor: to be able to start all the applications of the school we must focus on models with a 2 GHz quad-core processor or more extreme updates (versions with Octa-core CPU).
    • RAM: to run the operating system and the educational applications, 2GB of RAM is enough, but to be able to open even 2 or 3 heavy applications without problems it is advisable to focus on models with 4GB of RAM.
    • Internal Memory- School tablets will quickly fill up with downloaded notes, brochures, and PDF files, so it's best to have at least 32GB of memory right away, even better if it can be expanded (at least on Android models). To avoid space problems, we highly recommend integrate a cloud service where to save the largest files.
    • Screen: The screen must be at least 8 inches and must support HD resolution (more than 700 horizontal lines). Most models will provide screens with IPS technology, but we can also find Retina (at Apple).
    • Connectivity- To be able to connect to any Wi-Fi network you need a dual-band wireless module, so you can also benefit from the fast 5 GHz connection. The presence of Bluetooth LE is also essential, to be able to connect any model of wireless headphones. Models with SIM and mobile network support (LTE or later) are more expensive and for education is an absolutely superfluous function.
    • cameras: For video conferences it is essential that there is a front camera, so that you can use Skype or Zoom without problems. The presence of the rear camera is an interesting option, since in addition to the photos it will allow scan paper documents to convert them to digital.
    • AutonomyTablets have larger batteries than smartphones and allow, under normal conditions of use, to safely reach 6-7 hours of use.
    • Operating system: almost all the tablets that we will show you have Android as an operating system but we must not underestimate too much iPads with iPadOS, a quick, fast and often necessary system (some teachers will specifically request iPads as teaching tools).

    Models for sale to choose from

    After having seen together some of the characteristics that a good tablet for school should have, let's immediately see what models you can buy, starting with the cheapest to the top of the range. The first model that we advise you to consider as a tablet for school is the new one Fire HD 8, available on Amazon for less than € 150 (with active special offers).

    In this cheap tablet we find an 8-inch IPS HD screen, quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 64GB of expandable internal memory, USB-C input for charging, front camera, rear camera, autonomy up to 12 hours and Owner based operating system on Android (without Play Store but with Amazon App Store).

    If we want the Play Store on a school tablet and make it easy to find study applications, we can focus on the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, available on Amazon for less than € 250.

    In the Samsung tablet we find a 10,4-inch screen with a 2000 x 1200 Pixel resolution, octa-core processor, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of expandable internal memory, dual-band Wi-Fi, automatic hotspot, front camera, camera rear, 7040 mAh battery and Android 10 operating system.

    Another suitable tablet for school use is the Lenovo Tab M10 HD, available on Amazon for less than € 200.

    In this tablet we can find a 10,3-inch Full HD screen, MediaTek processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal memory, WiFi + Bluetooth 5.0, dock with dedicated audio speakers, integrated Alexa voice assistant and 10-hour battery. duration.

    If, on the contrary, we want the best-selling tablet on the market at all costs (or teachers impose an Apple product on us), we can consider theApple iPad, available on Amazon for less than € 400.

    Like all Apple products, it is taken care of down to the smallest detail and has a 10,2-inch Retina display, A12 processor with Neural Engine, support for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, 8 MP rear camera, Wi-Fi of dual band, Bluetooth 5.0 LE, 1.2MP Front FaceTime HD video camera, stereo speakers and iPadOS operating system.

    If we are not satisfied with a simple iPad and want a portable mini PC to do everything, the only model to focus on is theApple iPad Pro, available on Amazon for less than € 900.

    This tablet features an 11 "edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display with ProMotion technology, A12Z Bionic processor with Neural Engine, 12MP wide-angle rear camera, 10MP ultra-wide angle, LiDAR scanner, 7MP TrueDepth front camera, Face ID , four-speaker audio, new 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 operating system and iPadOS.


    The tablets we have proposed above are perfect for any course of study, from elementary school to college. Even the cheapest models do their part very well, although it is always advisable to focus on an iPad (when the economic situation allows it) for its lightness, speed of application execution and compatibility with educational tools.

    If you are looking for tablets with a built-in keyboard, we suggest you read our guides Best 2-in-1 Tablet-PC with removable keyboard mi Best Windows 10 Laptops Convertible To Tablet. If, on the other hand, we do not renounce the power and comfort of writing that a traditional notebook offers, we can continue reading in the guide The best notebooks for students.


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