Lonely is a card game for one person. Since the game is played alone, the main objective is not to hit an opponent, but to solve the game, train your logical thinking, and sometimes it is even used for meditation.


    Solitaire: How to play step by step? 🙂

    To do a Lonely online for free, you just have to follow these instructions step by step:

    Step 1: . Open your preferred browser and go to the game's website  Emulator.online

    Step 2: . As soon as you enter the website, the game will already be displayed on the screen. You only have to hit play and you can start choosing the solitaire that you like the most. You can choose the difficulty that best suits your level of play.

    After choosing itYou can also choose the number of pieces that the puzzle will have.

    Step 3. Here are some useful buttons. Can "Add or remove sound", Give the button"Play"And start playing, you can"Pause" Y "Restart" anytime.

    Step 4. Get to eliminate all the cards from the game to Win. For this you must place these cards in several decks of cards ofThe same color and in an orderly order.

    Step 5. After completing a game, click "Restart" To make another solitaire

    What is a Solitaire? 😀


    Lonely (also called solitaire or solitaire in French) is a card game for one person. The translation from the French shows very well what it is about. Translated, it means "patience". Different types of decks can be used to play solitaire, both the spanish mallet as it the poker.

    There are different varieties of solitaire that allow us to have a lot of suggestions to have fun.

    One of the main causes of its success is based on the possibility of playing a single person, without rival. Making it a perfect game to relax and meditate.

    Solitaire Story 🤓

    lonely story

    Lonely is a name for different types of card games. The best known game among them is known as "Classic solitaire"The exact origin of the game is unknown, but the arrangement of the cards comes from the tarot cards that were used for divination. At the end of the XNUMXth century, the game was mentioned for the first time in Northern Europe, and the game took to France in the early XNUMXth century.

    Napoleon Bonaparte is reportedly said to have played solitaire frequently during his exile to Saint Helena in 1816. In the following years, the game became a popular pastime in France and eventually conquered the rest of the world, including Germany. Many lone terms (for example, "box") come from French.

    Even today, this famous game is still a popular hobby for many people. All you need is one deck of cards, a straight surface, and some simple rules. So practically everyone can play this game. 

    The loner is a uncomplicated form of entertainment from a time when people still had time and the world was not yet in such a rush. It doesn't matter if you play it the classic way (by hand) or on the latest computer - it relaxes and trains your mind and is more popular today than ever!

    The history of solitaire games on the computer

    After the first PC was available on the market, it was only a logical step to play a digital version of solitaire on it. Since playing cards on a screen requires relatively little computing power, a large number of games appeared in a short time. In the MS-DOS era, most games were text-based and intended for one player only.

    However, computers became faster and more modern, thereby improving the graphical possibilities for games. The increased memory capacity also allowed programmers to fit multiple games into a single program. This is how entire collections of solitaire games were created.

    The first commercial collection was "Solitaire royaleIt was written by Brad Fregger and released by Spectrum Holobyte in 1987. The game was suitable for both PC (MS-DOS) and Macintosh. It contained eight different variants, ran with 16 EGA graphics colors, and was mouse-operated.

    A few years later, in 1992, QQP (Quantum Quality Productions) launched a large collection called "Solitaire's JourneyThis game was also released for MS-DOS and contained the dizzying number of 105 different game variants, as well as detailed statistics for each game! Players could choose some games and not only organize their own trips (trips), but also participate in missions (quests) and earn extra points there after winning a few rounds.

    Microsoft Windows Solitaire It first appeared in Windows 3.0 in 1990. In 1995, Windows 95 released the Freecell game. Freecell became very popular in a short time, and a large number of alternative shareware versions of the game appeared. Finally, Solitaire appeared alongside Microsoft XP Spider, followed by new knockoffs and improved versions.

    Today, games are available for every imaginable platform, including tablets and smartphones. Wherever you are, there is always a variant of solitaire available for relaxation and pleasure!

    lonely story

    How to play solitaire: Tips ♥ ️ ♠ ️ ♣ ️

    Tip 1: First work with the solitaire cards below

    Solo, you should definitely use the following cards, because these stacks need to be emptied first.

    • See if you can put the following cards on top of each other. If you could move multiple cards at once, you should use the pile with the fewest cards as a guide.. This way you get a faster empty seat underneath.
    • Then you can quickly fill the empty spaces again. Only uncover the top stack when you can't make another move underneath.

    Tip 2: each ace must raise immediately

    Remember to move the aces immediately.

    • This is especially true for aces that are in one of the lower piles. You push them with your hand into one of the free spaces. Alternatively, double-click the ace.
    • You should also move the aces onto the top pile immediately. Therefore, you may have the opportunity to move more cards from one of the lower piles.

    Tip 3: place the Lone King in free space

    Work the batteries as best you can. You need the clearance for kings.

    • As soon as I have a free space, must fill it with a king. Then stack all the other cards one after another. This way you can put down the letters later.
    • If you can choose between two kings, you should pay attention to the color with which you can stack most of the cards.
    • The same also applies to two free spots. Ideally fill this with a black king and once with a red king. This increases the probability of being able to play multiple cards at the same time.

    Tip 4: change the cards

    If you can no longer make movements or if nothing seems logical to you, you must change.

    • Look at the cards and switch between them so that you can put some cards on top.
    • Change is important and often the only way to master the game.
    • If you don't see any more trains, click on the item "Suggestion"in the menu. With some games you can also press the" T "on the keyboard and the game will show you what movement is possible.

    Types of Solitaire 🃏

    There are several variations of solitaire, which require more than one deck and different skill levels from the player. The list below covers different types of solitaire, from the classic Klondike and Spider to games that require speed or, for girls, a game where you must ask for the cards and dress each model.

    Klondike Solitaire

    The classic of classics! Order the cards Ace to King, separating them according to suit. To do this, separate the cards into columns in ascending order, always alternating between red and black cards, until the entire deck is revealed. When you find an ace, spread it at the top of the screen and place the other cards of the same suit on it.

    Spider solitaire

    spider solitaire

    A little different from the previous one, in this solitaire you must organize the cards from the King to the Ace. Also, you only have one suit on the table, however the cards will be repeated multiple times, allowing you to do more than one ordered sequence.

    Pyramid Solitaire

    lonely pyramid

    The objective of this game iss remove the entire pyramid of cards, matching them in pairs that add up to exactly thirteen to remove them from the screen. In addition to the cards that are placed in the pyramid, you have three additional cards that must be used to eliminate the others and free the cards that are at the bottom, plus an additional space to separate one of the cards.



    Path can be translated as "route" and it sums up the objective and mechanics of this game well. You must create card routes, joining them according to the numbering of each face, in ascending or descending order. Each card can only be linked to a predecessor or predecessor card or to one of the jokers.

    Marvin Solitaire

    Here you must put the cards in pairs that add up to thirteen, just like the Pyramid Solitaire. When you remove the cards from the top of the pile, the next ones will be turned over, opening up new possibilities to combine with the four cards you have in hand.

    Speed ​​card

    Speed ​​is what counts, at least in this game. Against the computer, you must be quick and remove all the cards from your pile. To do this, put your cards in one of the two stacks in the center of the screen, according to the numbering of the card at the bottom, it should only be one number higher or lower than the card on the table.

    Magic Towers Solitaire

    Another game that deals with the elimination of cards according to the numbering of each one. The difference is that you must remove the cards to liberate the castle from three towers at the bottom, always observing the value of the highlighted card at the bottom of the screen.

    Fashion Solitaire

    fashion solitaire

    Patience and fashion together, in a very fun game. You must eliminate all the cards that are on the screen at the same time that you dress each of the models. To collect the cards at the bottom, stack the cards that have the same type, in addition to taking into account: some of the models have preferences for colors, patterns and styles.

    Solitaire cruise

    solitaire cruise

    Without a doubt, the most interesting of all. You must remove the cards from the screen in a combination of Mahjong and memory game: put them in pairs to turn the cards that are at the bottom and, to open the cards that have a lock, look for the cards with a key drawn.

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