Soda Player to watch Acestream and Torrent videos (also on Chromecast)

Soda Player for watch the videos de Acestream and Torrent (also en Chromecast)

Soda Player es un program for PC and Mac allowing that watch all kinds of videos on tu computer in an ultra-simple way.
A Unlike VLC Media Player and other similar programs, is Soda Player no you have practically no options, but includes all codecs to see practically every existing video formatincluding content ... that se transmitted from the websites and applications Between peers as it Torrent Video and those transmitted by AceStream and Sopcast.
Therefore, it is a universal player that is worth installing on every PC as an alternative to use, especially if you want to watch Internet videos outside the browser.

This program is very interesting not only because it works well, it is open source and free without advertising and without those trackers that often accompany terrible programs like AceStream (which always I advise not to install because it is almost a virus), but also because each video displayed on the computer with Soda Player can also be streamed on TV on Chromecast.

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You can... download SodaPlayer of the website official of the project, which describes the most comprehensive video player ever made.
After downloading and installing Soda Player, you can open the program and choose which video you want to watch and open.
A button allows you to open a video saved in su PC o Mac or BitTorrent link, while the other button is used to open a streaming video, Magnet link video, or AceStream video.

SodaPlayer uses a Socks5 proxy to open Torrent videos to avoid the risk of being tracked by trackers.
This service will be charged when the final version of the program is published.

When you go to open may be made by each video you will see a button in the lower right next to the one that expands the screen The Center te allows you to cast the video on Chromecast and on the connected TV.
This works with all types of videos, including Acestream and computer videos.

To make it easier to open streaming video links (which would otherwise require copying and pasting), you can install the extension Open with SodaPlayer.
The extension displays a button on the bar Chrome extension that when pressed opens the video of the web page you are viewing in Soda Player.

There are no other options and settings to configure in this program which, due to its versatility, is practically unique in the video player scene.

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