Minesweeper. Created in nineteen eighty-nine, Minefield came to Windows thirty-one only in ninety-two and still amazes many gamers today. Its interface has changed a lot over the years, but the game mechanics have remained intact. I bet this is exactly what you are interested in: since your previous experiences have not brought you very positive results, you would like to understand in detail how to play Minesweeper.

It's one of those games that anyone, at least once in their life, has played. It was included in practically all versions of Windows up to eight, when Microsoft decided to delete it as well as Lonely and other hobbies that have been pre-installed on your operating system over the years. Some also call it minefieldIn truth, this is a variation of the (more politically appropriate) game introduced with Windows XNUMX that featured more or less exactly the same quirks.

In fact, in today's tutorial, I am going to explain how to get and how to play Minefield by talking about the latest version of Minefield free for free in the Windows XNUMX store, which is also touch-friendly. and you can connect to Xbox Live to share your progress. Try it and I assure you that you will not regret it! If you are truly unsatisfied, I will not stop providing you with valid alternative options for computer, smartphone and tablet. Happy reading and above all, enjoy it!


    Minesweeper | Minesweeper Online

    In the latest version of the game released by Microsoft there are 2 modes available: that classic, which faithfully reproduces the peculiarities of Prato fiorito, and which adventure which, on the other hand, presents new peculiarities. Let's start with the first one, hence you read this guide.

    En Traditional minefield mode there is a grid of covered boxes, which represents the area in which the mines can be hidden: to win, you must erase each and every empty square in the shortest possible time. In this version, instead of mines, you will find ladybugs, but the operation does not change. Apart from deleting the squares with a click (or a touch), you can mark the ones that you think are hiding a mine and block them, so as not to detonate them.

    You can paste one Red flag in these boxes with a right click of the mouse or a long touch: repeating this action, instead of the flags, a yellow question mark which will "unlock" the chosen tiles and let you free them. To win, you must remove each and every square that does not contain mines, without detonating a single mine.

    There are 3 levels of complexity to choose from: beginnerintermediate y advanced. To distinguish them is the number of squares and mines in the grid: nine × nine squares with ten mines in the first, sixteen × sixteen with forty in the second and thirty × sixteen and ninety-nine in the third. You can also choose to play a level with custom grids, where to select how many boxes to have in heightwidth and the number of mines or ladybug. The first eight × eight minefield variation is no longer free.

    Most of the free boxes are empty, but some have a number 1 to 6: they are valuable indications, since they indicate how many mines there are in that area. It is preferable to erase the boxes next to those that do not have a number inside and mark as "dangerous" those that are next to a five or a six. In addition to this, you must rely on your fortune, as there are no other unique tips or tricks to win Minefield. It is a really nice puzzle game!

    Mode adventure It is an interesting novelty and can be seen as an absolutely different game, although it retains certain peculiarities of the traditional minesweeper. Here, a miner plays the role of going through a series of convoluted tunnels (each one representing a level), mining the boxes along the way. Instead of mines, the traps are hidden: you start with 3 life and can earn more by collecting hearts. The coins increase the score.

    The adventure mode is less "frustrating" than the traditional one, due to the fact that if you find a trap you still have 2 other possibilities to fill the level. The presence of coins and other compilation items to unlock the maze doors (continuing in theadventure) makes the gaming experience more convincing: the boxes to be unlocked at all times can contain an identification number of the nearby traps and the mechanics are exactly the same as previously described.

    In addition to the coins, the miner can collect gold bullion y weapons kill opponents and destroy traps in your path: each of these actions helps to increase the score of the game. There are no flags or question marks, but there are red and white signs with a exclamation mark, which have exactly the same purpose and are activated with a right click or a long touch.

    The new one did not end here, as Minefield now also offers certain daily challenges They are based on the traditional perfect mode and let you climb a monthly leaderboard for bonuses that can be spent on the game. These daily challenges can be accessed from the main page of the game and it is proposed to fill out different actions: to serve as an example, in one challenge you may have to mark ten mines with flags (without releasing any box) and in another to step on the mines.

    The challenges give 4 shields of bronze, silver, gold and diamonds, depending on the monthly progress. The level of complexity reflects that of the classic mode - you can overcome a challenge as a beginnerintermediate O well expert.

    In addition to the unique prizes, which refer primarily to the premium version of the game (which I will talk about shortly), the point is to reach the goals Xbox Live

    Yes, you read that right! Minefield cannot be played on Microsoft consoles, but you can earn points on your Xbox Live account! Now, however, enough talking: the time has come to understand how to install Minesweeper on your computer.

    Alternatives to Minesweeper

    Now I am going to describe certain Alternatives to the minefield to choose from if you are not satisfied with Microsoft Minesweeper.

    Minesweeper: The Essentials (Windows XNUMX)

    The first alternative option I propose is Minefield: the essentials, a free program that you can find in the official Windows XNUMX store and that you can install by clicking on the button get. There are no add-on purchases or advertisements throughout the games. However, an Adventure mode is missing. It is the traditional flowery meadow with 3 predefined complexity levels and one adapted.

    The dimensions of the grids and the number of mines per level are standard, therefore, the same as in Microsoft's Minefield. The customization of the grid also offers exactly the same values: the names change, due to the fact that here you can select between the modes easymedia O well difficult. in Options You will find 3 themes to customize the graphics of the game and certain controls related to the timer, sounds and the frequent question mark. It is truly essential as the title promises.

    This minefield offers a system of statistics in the score achieved in the games, but you cannot connect to Xbox Live to share them with friends: if you simply want to play Prato Fiorito, I do not think this can be a problem. Regarding the game mechanics, the movements are identical to those of the Microsoft game: a click or a touch to release the boxes, a right click or a long touch to mark them. Simple, isn't it this way? The graphics are really nice too.

    Minesweeper! (Windows ten)

    The second alternative option that I propose to you, Minesweeper!It is suitable for a real nostalgic minefield. The graphics are not exactly the best, but the game reproduces the peculiarities of the original for Windows: always and in all circumstances you can find it in the Microsoft Store.

    There are 4 grids (always and in all circumstances divided by level of complexity), that is easymediumdifficult y nightmare. Here there is no possibility to customize the dimensions and the number of boxes to be released is very, very different from the standards.

    In Simple perfect mode, the grid is eight × nine squares with ten mines; in the middle of 10x12 with twenty mines; in Fairly difficult twelve × fourteen with thirty mines and in Nightmare thirteen × fifteen with forty mines. The mechanics of the game are elementary: any click or touch releases the relevant box, without being able to mark the suspects. The game is translated into Italian, but in the adjustments You can also change the language or the background of the window: to access, simply click on the icon cabin which is in the lower center.

    Minesweeper (macOS)

    If you use a Mac, you can play Minefield by installing the free app of the same name from the Mac App Store, which you can install by pressing the button Get / Install, located in the upper right part and authenticating itself, if necessary, through password your Apple ID or touch ID (if your Mac has a fingerprint sensor).

    The gameplay is exactly the same as in the traditional minefield, with a pattern of ten × twelve and twenty mines. To adjust the game settings, you must press the icon cabin located in the lower center and choose the factor adjustments from the menu that opens.

    How to play Minesweeper Online

    Playing Minesweeper by installing a program on your computer is very simple, but you may not feel like taking up disk space for that game. So why not play directly online? On the website there are multiple sites that let you do it: one of them is Minesweeper online which also has a paid version in the Store App. I raise this to you by the fact that it has exactly the same graphics and controls as the original minefield for Windows.

    The place is in English, but you do not need to know the language to play. The grids have the standard dimensions of Microsoft Minesweeper: by clicking on game, located at the top left, you can choose between beginnerintermediate y expert, which correspond to Beginner, Intermediate and Specialist. custom is for the perfect adapted mode, where you can set height (Height) width (Width) and also mines (Mine). Marking a brands on your site, enable the question mark.

    The game mechanics foresee the left click to release the squares and the right to mark them: by clicking on controls view a summary of your keyboard shortcuts and motions. The option is interesting display that lets you approximate or distance the grid from one hundred percent to two hundred percent.

    Night mode instead, change the background of the place and reduce the glare of the window to save energy throughout the night.

    Minefield app

    Well, I explained to you how to play Minefield on computer and online, but if you wanted to do it from smartphone O well tablet? Don't worry: there are many free apps that let you play on Android and iOS too. Some have renovating bars!

    • Minesweeper: Collector (Android / iOS): a variation of the traditional minefield that, apart from having grids of shapes that are not squares or rectangles, includes levels and collectibles.
    • Globesweeper (Android / iOS) - tired of two-dimensional bars? With this application you can play in spheres and cubes. A variation of Minefield totally to try.
    • World of mines (Android / iOS) - circumvent the mines on the maps of the countries of the planet with this variation of minefield that invites you to review the geography.

    How to install Minefield on Windows 10

    I learned to play, it's time to explain How to install Minefield on Windows 10. The game is free in the Microsoft operating system store, so all you have to do is press the blue button with the writing get on the official Microsoft Minesweeper page.

    The application, as already mentioned, is free, but there are auxiliary paid content that can be unlocked after installation: you can subscribe to a premium subscription for a month at one hundred forty-nine euros or for a year at nine.89 euros. Unfortunately, the game contains banners and sporadically forces you to watch promotional videos of a few seconds that you cannot delete. The only solution you need to bypass is to subscribe. Other subscription benefits are auxiliary coins (which are for challenges) and exclusive items for the perfect Adventure mode.

    Having said that, let's take action! Download is complete, start Microsoft Minesweeper via its icon in the Start menu and also start a game in the Classic mode or in the Adventure mode, then pressing the relevant boxes at the desired level of complexity: beginnerintermediate O well expert.

    The main Minefield window, which can be expanded to full screen via the icon with the 2 arrows in the upper right, scrolls horizontally: by scrolling it towards the left, you can find statistics on the games and Xbox Live goals achieved. You can move themes only with the premium paid version: in the basic version only the default one appears.

    However, to access the minefield configuration, you must click on the icon located at the top left and choose the factor adjustments from the menu that is proposed to you: this will open a side panel through which you can adjust the game options.

    You can adjust the volume and activate or deactivate the warnings, while you can immediately select whether or not you want to use i question marks. If your computer lets it, you can also adjust touch and  graphics and you can activate the change of fast mode and / or the commands displacement. Finally, you can choose to restore the settings to default settings O well reset statistics of game.

    One last aspect that I would like to pay attention to. Xbox Live- If you have already registered a profile due to the fact that you have an Xbox console, you will not need to do anything and when you reach an end, you will be notified on the desktop. If you do not have an account yet, I do not advise you to register it as it will not be rewarded.

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