Huawei Phone Clone Transfer Data and Files to New Smartphone

Huawei Phone Clone Transfer Data and Files to New Smartphone


Have you bought a brand new smartphone and now you would like to transfer all your data from your old mobile to your new one? The solution is Huawei phone clone, an application developed by the renowned Chinese company, complete, multiplatform and therefore compatible with both Android and iPhone.

This application is very convenient for those who switch from an iPhone to a new Android smartphone and, above all, for those who change their Huawei phone to another brand (since today Huawei phones certainly sell less than a while ago).

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With Huawei phone clone It's possible:

  • transfer data from iPhone/iPad a smart phone Huawei and vice versa;
  • transfer data from iPhone/iPad a smart phone Android and vice versa;
  • transfer data from a smartphone Android a smart phone Huawei and vice versa;
  • transfer data between smartphones Huawei.

    Transferable files and data

    yo data which can be transferred via Phone clone They are as follows:

    • phone contacts;
    • messages;
    • call log;
    • calendar;
    • Photo;
    • music;
    • video;
    • documents;
    • application.

    For security reasons imposed by Android there are data that No. can be transferred:

    • data from applications such as WhatsApp;
    • data in the cloud: for example, photos saved in Google Photos;
    • system settings.

    How to transfer data with Phone Clone

    1) First you need to install the free app Phone clone on both devices. If the smartphones are both Huawei you will find the application already installed.

    2) Once the app has been downloaded, it should be opened on both devices and clicked "To accept" Bottom right;

    3) On both devices, confirmation to be able to access your data;

    4) Once you have given consent on your old smartphone, the camera will open asking you to frame a QR Codewhile in the new smartphone you will have to choose the old phone type between Huawei, "Another Android", "iPhome / iPad". Select the correct one and QR Code.

    5) With the old smartphone, frame the QR Code: from here the connection attempt between the two devices will begin, then confirmation connection by the user through a pop-up window.

    6) Now you can indicate which files to transfer from old smartphone "Appearing"the ones that interest you.

    7) Press "Confirmation" and the data migration procedure will start automatically.

    The data transfer is carried out via a link of type Wi-Fi servant to this between the two devices: in this way the procedure will be safety mi fast.

    If you have a lot of data, the migration may take several minutes, but a time remaining indicator will still appear on the screen. If the connection between the smartphones is interrupted, the procedure will be repeated and the transfer will restart from where it stopped.

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