How to use App IO for payments, refunds and communications

How to use App IO for payments, refunds and communications


If we are attentive to the technological innovations launched by the Italian state we have surely heard of the new IO app, created by PagoPA and freely installable on any smartphone and usable by all Italian citizens. Many users immediately found themselves in trouble using the IO app as they just downloaded the app on the portable device without knowing how to use it, what it is for, or even how to log in, which may seem right away. impossible if we have never heard of SPID and digital identity (sadly essential to be able to use the IO app).

In this guide we will show you how to use the IO app for payments, refunds and government communications, to be able to pay quickly in stores and also benefit from initiatives related to spending control and rewards reserved for those who spend certain amounts.


    How to use the IO app

    The IO application is simple to use, but to be able to exploit it to its full potential first of all we will have to get the SPID, then proceed with the download and access the application. In the following chapters we will also show you how to add a credit card or a prepaid card and how to receive notifications about communications with the public administration.

    Activate the SPID and download the IO app

    Before using the IO application we will have to necessarily create the SPID, which is the digital identity certified directly by the Italian State. This special identity card can be obtained from many providers, who offer it for free (therefore we will not have to pay anything for it). At present the best providers to activate the SPID quickly I am:

    • PosteID SPID enabled
    • TIM id
    • SPID with Namirial ID
    • Aruba SPID ID

    Whichever provider you choose, simply fill in the required data, choose the authentication method that suits us best (for example, for Poste Italiane it is also fine to go to a post office) and thus obtain the SPID credentials, to be used later in the IO application. If we want to know how to activate the SPID step by step, we invite you to read our guides How to request and obtain the SPID mi How to activate SPID: complete guide.

    After obtaining the SPID we can download the free IO app for Android and iPhone directly from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

    Add a credit, prepaid or debit card

    Once the application is added to our mobile device, open it, press the button Sign in with SPID and we select the SPID provider with which we create the digital identity.

    We enter the authentication code, confirm the data obtained from the SPID, then accept the conditions of use of the application. On the next screen we choose a 6-digit blocking PIN, we choose whether to activate biometric authentication and we confirm the email address (already obtained from the SPID).

    Once you enter the personal screen of the application we can add a credit card, a prepaid card (such as Postepay) or an ATM card by pressing at the bottom of the menu Wallet, by pressing the upper right of the element Addselecting the article Method of payment and choosing between Credit, debit or prepaid card, BancoPosta or Postepay card mi Payment CardBAMCOMAT. We make the choice based on the type of card we have, then we enter the card number, the expiration date and the card's security code (CVV2, usually on the back). At the end we click Keep it up to confirm the addition of the card to the IO application.

    Additional Services

    After adding a valid payment method to the IO application, we enter the menu Services below to discover other useful features of the app: pay car tax, choose where to spend the vacation voucher, receive alerts about due date of IMU and TASI taxes, receive a notice about the expiration of the COUNTRY (tax on waste), pay school fees and activate refund.

    If our municipality is present among those mentioned (we can also manually add the municipality and see if it is integrated with the PagoPA services) we will be able to pay almost all taxes online, using one of the supported payment methods. Are we interested in state reimbursement? In this case we invite you to read our guide How to activate State Cashback: cards, conditions and limits.

    How to receive communications from the public administration

    In addition to the card, do we want to use the IO application to receive communications from the public administration? In this case, it is enough to keep the app installed on the phone, since with each new communication a notification will be sent on the screen (if the notifications do not appear, check the power saving settings, especially on Android). In order not to miss a notification, we can also forward the messages from the IO app to our email address: to do this, simply open the IO app on your smartphone, log in with a PIN or biometric access, press down on the menu Profile, select the menu Forwarding messages by email and finally press on the element Enable for all services. If we want to manually select the services from which to receive messages in the email box, we choose the item Choose service by service and indicate the type of messages we want to receive.

    If we continue to have problems with IO app notifications, we recommend that you read our guides If notifications are delayed, turn off Android battery optimization mi Improve Android notifications on the lock screen.


    The IO application is probably the best at the IT level created by the Italian State: in fact, the application is easy to use, it integrates well with all SPID services, allows you to receive the refund provided by the state, activate tax notification services and taxes and other forms of institutional communication, without necessarily having to communicate a PEC address (which, however, is recommended to respond to messages received).

    If we want to create a certified email to respond to institutional emails, we recommend that you read our article. How to get a PEC email address (certified mail).

    If, on the contrary, we are looking for a good prepaid card to combine with the IO application, we can read our ideas. The best free virtual credit cards mi The best prepaid cards to buy online without risk.


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