How to understand if someone spies on us from the microphone (PC and smartphone)

How to understand if someone spies on us from the microphone (PC and smartphone)


Good privacy has become increasingly difficult to achieve, especially when we are surrounded by electronic devices capable of capturing at any time everything we say or the sounds emitted by the environment in which we live or work. If we are especially concerned about our privacy and do not want to be heard or spy on us through the microphone of our PC or smartphone, in this guide we will show you how to know if someone is spying on us through a microphone, performing all the necessary checks on our Windows 10 PCs, on our Macs or MacBooks, on our Android smartphones or tablets and on iPhones / iPads.

At the end of the check We will ensure that we do not have any "spy" applications or applications that use microphone access permissions without our consent. (or maybe they got our consent when we were in a hurry, taking advantage of our superficiality).

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    How to verify microphone usage

    All modern computers and electronic devices offer options to check if someone is spying on us through the microphone: in the current state of affairs, it is difficult to spy on the microphone without minimal user interaction (who must install an application or click on a specific link to start spying) or without very advanced hacking techniques (necessary to bypass the controls performed by operating systems). This is all valid until we talk about environmental wiretappingIn these cases the methods to spy on people are very varied and are used by the police by order of the judiciary to spy on suspects.

    How to check the microphone in Windows 10

    In Windows 10 we can control which applications and programs have access to the webcam microphone or (other connected microphones) by opening the Start menu in the lower left, clicking on configurationspressing in the menu Privacy and opening the menu Microphone.

    Scrolling in the window we can see the access permissions to the microphone both for applications downloaded from the Microsoft Store and for traditional programs; In the first case, we can deactivate access to the microphone simply by deactivating the button next to the name of the application, while in the case of traditional programs we will have to open the program itself and change the configuration relative to the microphone. If we want get maximum privacy and leave the access to the microphone only for "safe" applications, we suggest that you disable the switch next to superfluous applications and uninstall suspicious programs or whose origin we do not know. To deepen this aspect we can read our guide How to remove programs manually without traces or errors (Windows).

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    How to check the microphone on Mac

    Even in the operating system of Mac and MacBooks, that is, macOS, we can check if someone is spying on us through the microphone directly from the settings. To continue we turn on our Mac, we press the icon of the bitten Apple in the upper left part, we open the menu System preferences, Click on the icon Security and privacy, select the tab Privacy and finally let's go to the menu Microphone.

    In the window we will see all the applications and programs that have requested access to the microphone. If we find a program or application of which we do not know the origin or that should not be there, we can remove the check mark next to its name and, once identified, we can also proceed to uninstall it by opening the application. Discovererby clicking on the menu Applications on the left side, finding the spy app and, right-clicking on it, proceed with the cancellation by pressing on Move to Trash.

    How to check the microphone on Android

    Android smartphones and tablets tend to be the easiest devices to spy on since the operating system is not always up to date And, given its widespread use, not everyone carefully checks whether installed apps are spying on the microphone. To check the applications that have permission to access the microphone of our device, open the application configurationslet's go to the menu Privacy -> Authorization management or in the menu Security -> Permissions and finally press in the menu Microphone.

    On the screen that opens, we will see all the applications that have requested access to the microphone or that have permission but have not yet "taken advantage". If we notice any strange application or that we do not remember having installed it, we proceed by removing the microphone activation (just press the button next to the name of the application) and immediately uninstall the suspicious application, to avoid subsequent activations. In this regard we can read our guide Uninstall Android apps completely, even all at once.

    If we want to have visual information of the applications that access the microphone, even when we are not using applications that explicitly use the microphone, we suggest that you install the free Access Dots application, which provides a small bright spot in the upper right corner. whenever an application or a process accesses the microphone and the camera.

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    How to check microphone on iPhone / iPad

    On iPhone and iPad, with the arrival of iOS 14, a visual feedback on access to the camera or the microphone has been added: in these cases a small orange, red or green dot will appear in the upper right, so you can know immediately if someone is spying on us through the microphone.

    In addition to this instant verification, we can always control the applications that access the microphone on Apple devices by opening the application. configurations, by pressing in the menu Privacy, and personally verifying the applications that access the microphone, disabling those that we do not know or have never installed. To significantly increase privacy when using iPhone, we invite you to read the guide The privacy settings on the iPhone will be activated for protection.

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    Spying on the microphone is one of the main objectives of hackers, spies or detectives, and for this reason operating systems have become much more selective when it comes to granting this permission. It is always better to consult the menus and applications seen above, to always know if someone is spying on us through a microphone, perhaps capturing personal information or industrial secrets.

    If we are afraid of having a spy application on the phone, we look for the presence of any of the applications seen in our guides. The best applications to spy on mobile phones (Android and iPhone) mi Secret agent app for Android to spy, track locations, messages and more.

    If, on the contrary, we fear that the spying of microphones is carried out through Android viruses, we suggest you read the article Detect and remove spyware or malware on Android.


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