How to turn TV into a fireplace (video and app)

How to turn TV into a fireplace (video and app)


There's nothing like the cozy comfort of a roaring fire, but not everyone can easily enjoy it. Especially in cities, the fireplace in the house is not common, and even those who have it may not have the time or possibility to prepare firewood. In any case, it is possible simulate the presence of a fireplace in the house and create a "virtual" fireplace environment that becomes perfect not only for relaxing at night, but also during a dinner with friends or family, as you would on Christmas or other winter nights.

Can turn your TV into a virtual fireplace, free, in several really simple and effective ways, which lead to see a crackling fire shot in high definition, complete with sounds of burning wood.

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    I walk his Netflix

    The first way to turn your TV into a fireplace, and also the simplest of all, is to play the video of a burning fireplace. This can be done from YouTube or, better yet, from Netflix. Surprisingly looking fireplace O Home on Netflix, you can find really well done one hour videos.

    Specifically, you can start the following videos on Netflix:

    • Fireplace for your home
    • Classic fireplace for the home
    • Crackling House Fireplace (Birch)

    I walk your Youtube

    On YouTube you can find everything and there is no shortage of long videos to see a burning and roaring fireplace on the TV. The channel "Fireplace for your home" has shorter versions of Netflix videos, while you are looking for the Camino or "Fireplace" on YouTube you can find videos of 8 hours or more continuous that you can start directly from here:

    4K real-time fireplace for 3 hours

    Fireplace for 10 hours

    Christmas fireplace scene 6 mineral

    Christmas fireplace 8 ore

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    Application to view a fireplace on Smart TV

    Depending on the type of Smart TV you are using, you can install a free application by searching for the word Fireplace in its App Store. Among the best that I have found, we can point out:

    Fireplace app for iPad or Apple TV

    • Winter fireplace
    • First-rate fireplace
    • Fantastic fireplace

    Application for Android TV / Google TV Fireplace

    • Blaze - 4K Virtual Fireplace
    • HD virtual fireplace
    • Romantic fireplaces

    Amazon Fire TV Fireplace app

    • White wood fireplace
    • fireplace
    • Blaze - 4K Virtual Fireplace
    • HD IAP virtual fireplace

    Chromecast fireplace app

    Chromecast devices (which are not Google TV), do not have applications to view a fireplace, and the option to put a fireplace screen saver with fire also disappeared (it was available on Google Music). However, you can search the Store for apps that can cast the video of a burning fire on the Chromecast for the Android smartphone (like Fireplace for Chromecast TV) or for iPhone (like Fireplace for Chromecast). You can also stream any Youtube video using your smartphone or computer on the Chromecast.


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