How to set the default browser on iPhone

How to set the default browser on iPhone


With the arrival of the iOS 14 update for iPhone, it is possible to change the default application to open websites and links within emails, chats and social networks, without necessarily having to go through the Safari application (always the default browser in all Apple products). This may seem trivial and obvious, especially if we come from the Android world, but one of Apple's greatest strengths / weaknesses was due precisely to the strong bond with Apple's system applications, which it was not possible to completely overlook. If this could be seen as an advantage to keep the Apple ecosystem more consistent, it severely limited the freedom of the user, who in fact could not open the links with the browser of their choice.

The music seems to have changed with this update: let's see together how to set default browser on iPhone, choosing between the many alternatives available in the App Store (from Google Chrome through Mozilla Firefox, Opera and the anonymous browser of DuckDuckGo).


    How to set the default browser on iPhone

    In the following chapters we will first show you how to check for system updates for our iPhone and, only after obtaining the iOS 14 operating system, we can proceed with the installation of our browser and make the necessary changes to make it the default browser on our iPhone.

    How to update iPhone

    Before continuing, we always recommend that check for iPhone updatesEspecially if we haven't noticed any version changes or updates in the last few days or months. To update the iPhone, connect it to a fast Wi-Fi network (at home or in the office), press on the application configurationslet's go to the menu General, we move on Software update and, if there is an update, install it by pressing on Download and install.

    At the end of the download we restart the iPhone and wait for the new operating system to start; if there is no update to iOS 14 (maybe because our iPhone is too old), we can't make the change for the default browser. For more information, we recommend reading our guide. How to update an iPhone. If instead we want to change our iPhone for a newer one or for a reconditioned one but compatible with iOS 14, we invite you to read our guide Which iPhone is worth buying today? Versions and models available.

    How to install or update the third-party browser

    After updating the iPhone, we install our favorite browser by opening the App Store and using the menu Search, so you can search for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Touch, or the DuckDuckGo browser.

    If we already have one or more browsers installed on our iPhone, before continuing with the most important chapter of this guide, make sure they are updated to the latest version by opening the App Store, pressing our profile icon in the upper right and finally pressing Update all. Do we know other alternative browsers to Safari? We can fix this right away by reading our guide to The best browsers for iPhone and iPad alternatives to Safari.

    How to set the new default browser

    After downloading or updating the third-party browser on the iPhone, we can set it as the default browser for each link or web page that we will open by taking us to the application. configurations, scrolling until you find the name of the browser and, once opened, press on the menu Default browser app and make our choice from this list.

    Pressing on the name of the browser will display the check mark, a sign that the system has accepted the change. We do not see our browser in the list or the item does not appear Default browser app? We check that the browser and operating system are up to date (as seen in the previous chapters), otherwise it will not be possible to make any choice.


    With this small change, Apple tries to step out of the box and get closer to the flexibility and practicality seen in any modern Android smartphone. In fact, with iOS 14 we are not tied to the use of Safari for each link opened in emails or chats, which allows us to use our favorite browser whenever necessary. This can be seen as a "half revolution" or rather an "evolution": Apple has realized that its users are not always tied to the applications it produces and that, in most cases, they use Safari only because the system does not. you can use other browsers by default (which is now possible with iOS 14). In addition to the browser, the default application switch is also available for other system applications such as Mail: therefore, we can open our emails or attachments with other clients without having to go through the system applications linked to the Apple environment (the faster but not always the ones with more functions).

    If we want to change the default apps on an Android smartphone, we recommend that you read our guide How to change the default apps on Android. We often use a Windows 10 computer but we don't know how to change the default programs? In this case we can help with the steps outlined in our guide. How to change the default apps in Windows 10.

    Don't we want to leave Safari out of the blue or do we still consider it the best browser for iPhone? In this case we can continue reading in our article Safari tricks and better iPhone and iPad browser features, so that you can immediately learn various useful tricks and hidden functions to continue using this default browser.


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