How to put the TV out of standby mode

How to put the TV out of standby mode


Those who often watch TV at home have surely noticed that after a certain period of time without activity, the TV automatically turns off and goes into standby mode, as if we had pressed the red button on the remote control. When this happens we should not be alarmed and think that the television is broken: it is absolutely normal behavior, designed by TV manufacturers to save energy when the TV is left on without anyone changing channels or performing any other operations for a long period of time (usually after 2 hours).

If we do not like this behavior or we want to watch television non-stop even for more than 3 hours, in this guide we will show you how to remove standby mode on TV of major TV brands, so that you can immediately control the automatic standby mode in certain situations or in certain scenarios where an always-on TV is required (for example, a TV in a store, a TV that keeps a company company). older person or a child).


    How to deactivate the standby mode on the TV

    As mentioned in the preview, the automatic standby feature is provided on all modern TVs and smart TVs to make it easier to save power when left on for too long with no interactions. However, each manufacturer offers the possibility to adjust this function (increasing the waiting time) and also by turn it off completely, so you can enjoy unlimited TV. In the latter case, however, remember to turn it off periodically with the remote control, to save energy and extend the life of the appliance.

    Remove LG TV from standby mode

    If we have an LG smart TV we can remove the automatic standby mode by pressing the gear button on the remote control, it takes it to the menu All settings, select the menu General and finally press on the element Timer.

    In the new window that opens, we deactivate item Aoff after 2 hours clicking on it and, if we have set a different shutdown timer, we check in the menu Off timer, making sure the item is set to Deactivate. Alternatively, we can also verify the voice Eco mode (present in the menu General) if the voice is active Auto power off, so you can turn it off.

    Remove Samsung TV from standby mode

    Samsung TVs are very popular and many users will surely have noticed at least once the automatic standby mode in action. If you are among those who want to deactivate it, we can proceed by pressing the button Menu of the remote control, leading us down the road General -> System Management -> Time -> Sleep Timer and checking if the Settings item is disabled (it should be set to 2 hours by default: let's change the settings to OFF).

    If the above method doesn't work, we need to check if the standby control is available in the power saving settings. To continue we open the Menulet's take it in Green solution or in General -> Ecological solution and check if the voice is active Auto power off, so that it can be permanently disabled.

    Put the Sony TV out of standby mode

    Sony TVs can have both the proprietary operating system and the new Android TV: both systems are energy-saving and automatically go to standby after a certain period of time without input. To disable standby on Sony TVs without Android TV, just press on the Home / Menu button on the remote control, let's take the road System Settings -> Eco and check if the idle TV standby is active, so we can disable it.

    If we have a Sony television with Android TV, we press the button Homelet's take the road Settings -> Energy -> Eco and turn off the standby mode. If it does not work or the screen turns off again after a certain time we will also have to check the configuration of Dream, an Android feature that displays a screen saver in case of prolonged inactivity. To continue, let's take the road Settings -> TV -> Daydream and let's make sure that next to the element When in sleep mode the voice is present Mayo.

    Some modern Sony smart TVs also have a presence sensor, which detects the presence of people in front of the TV and, in case of a negative check, automatically puts the TV into standby mode. This groundbreaking feature can still be disabled by pressing the Menu button, taking us along the way. Settings -> System Settings -> Eco -> Presence Sensor and set the item to OFF.

    Remove Philips TV from standby

    Philips TVs can also include a proprietary operating system or Android TV, so we'll have to proceed differently. For those who have a Philips TV without Android TV, it is possible to cancel the standby mode by pressing the button Start menu on the remote control, opening the menu Special O General, pressing up Timer and finally opening the entrance Delete, where we will have to configure the function to OFF.

    If the Philips TV is newer, we can remove the standby mode by pressing the button Menu, leading us down the road Settings -> Eco Settings -> Sleep Timer and set the timer for 0 (zero).

    Remove Panasonic TV from standby mode

    If we have a Panasonic TV that turns off only after a certain period of time, we can fix it by pressing the button Timer (present in many models of Panasonic remote controls) and, in the new menu that will open, all we have to do is deactivate the item Automatic hold.

    Isn't there a timer button on our Panasonic TV remote control? In this case we can remove the standby following the classic procedure, which consists of pressing the button Menu on the remote control, open the Timer menu and set Auto Power Off to OFF or on 0 (zero)


    If the TV standby bothers us while watching a good long movie or during an intense binge session (that is, when we watch many episodes of a TV series continuously), disabling the standby mode can be an effective solution. so you don't have to touch the remote control. at least once an hour so that the television "understands" that we are present and that we are watching something. Thanks to this guide we can turn off standby on televisions of the main brands, but the steps we have shown you can be played on any modern TV, we will only have to take the remote control, enter the settings and check each element associated with the automatic shutdown of the television: Standby, energy saving, Eco, Eco Mode or Timer.

    Many standby procedures change depending on the installed operating system; To immediately understand what system we have ahead and how to proceed, we recommend that you also read our guides How to know if it is a Smart TV mi Best Smart TV for Samsung, Sony and LG App System.

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