How to play Monopoly online

How to play Monopoly online

Monopoly It is one of the most famous and popular board games in the world and you have probably played it many times with family and friends too. You enjoy playing Monopoly so much that instead of waiting for the next hangout to play some games, you would like to play online when you have some free time. So know that you are in the right place at the right time!

In the following paragraphs of this guide, in fact, I will have the opportunity to explain how to play Monopoly online. In doing so, I will list several useful solutions for this purpose: some available on computers, some on smartphones and tablets. In any case, keep in mind that none of this is developed directly by Hasbro (the company that owns the copyright of the Monopoly game): these are third-party solutions that are inspired by the famous board game, but the fun continues insured.

If you are ready to get started, I would tell you to put the talk aside and start playing. Courage - Position yourself comfortably, take the time to find the right solution for you, and have fun playing Monopoly online, with acquaintances, casual players, or against the computer. Have fun!


    • How to play Monopoly online with friends
      • Monopoly by (online)
      • Rent Monopoly (online / Windows 10)
      • Rento Monopoly (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
      • Other Monopoly games online

    How to play Monopoly online with friends

    Let's get straight to the point and see how to play Monopoly online with friends leveraging some fit-for-purpose solutions, available for computers (usable online and / or for download) and for Android and iOS / iPadOS smartphones and tablets.

    Monopoly by (online)

    One of the versions of the Monopoly The best available online is the one that offers The famous online gaming site, in fact, hosts a Monopoly-inspired game that is really well done. Unfortunately, however, it doesn't allow you to challenge players from a distance - friends must be there in order to play. Also, the interface is not in Italian, but in English.

    To play Monopoly on, linked to this page, click the button Play located below the inscription MONOPOLY and wait for the game to load (a 30-60 second commercial can start). Then click the green button Play and indicate how many players you are by pressing one of the corresponding buttons (2, 3 that 4).

    Once done, enter the name of the first player in the text field Name present in the box that appeared on the screen, then click on one of the colored squares corresponding to the color with which to distinguish it (Red, orange, Yellow:, Greenetc.) and select the game piece by clicking on one of those available under the heading Symbolic (The hat toy car shoe, etc.). Once done, click the button Next and repeat the steps for all other participants.

    At this point, the game will begin. The player whose turn it is to click on the Dadi placed in the lower left corner: the pawns will move by themselves between the different squares and, depending on where they stop, they will propose the purchase of the property, the entry into prison, the payment of the toll, etc. (Operations that you can perform by clicking on the buttons that will appear on the screen).

    Rent Monopoly (online / Windows 10)

    If you wish Play Multiplayer Monopoly Online you can consider Rent monopoly. It is a game inspired by Monopoly (there are some differences, as explained in detail in its official rules), and its graphics are a little less faithful to those of the original game.

    You can play it directly in your browser, using its web version, or buy the game client available for Windows 10 (available from the Microsoft Store), as well as for various game consoles, including PS4, Xbox One mi Nintendo switch (always paid, from 4,99 euros).

    If you want to play the web version, go to the main Rento Monopoly page, click the green button Play web version, click the button again Play web version and, in the newly opened page, click Play to start the game. In a few seconds, the title will be launched: click, therefore, on the button Play online (in case you don't want to play online, you need to click instead Play alone and configure the game through the menu that allows you to select the number of players, pawns, etc.).

    Then tap Start to start creating a new game; until Show rooms, to enter a room with other players already available, or in Create space, to create a room choosing features to your liking.

    Once the game has started, you will need to interact with the other players by clicking the corresponding buttons (i Dadi pull the button Done after pulling BUY, buy a property, etc.).

    Rento Monopoly (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

    In the mobile environment, you can take advantage of Rent monopoly, the game I already told you about in the previous chapter, which is also available for Android mi iOS / iPadOS. Since it does not differ from its Web version, what has already been said applies in this case as well: some rules of the game offer the official Monopoly rules, since Rento Monopoly is inspired by the latter, but for copyright reasons not it is. the exact copy.

    To use it, download the application on your device. If you have a device Android, open the Play store, to write "relaxed" en search field located at the top and tap on the first available result, or if you are reading this article directly from the device you want to install Rento Monopoly on, click this link. Once on the game download screen, press the button Install on pc and wait for it to install. If you are reading the article from a device without Google services, see if there are any alternative stores.

    If you have an iOS / iPadOS device, open theApp Store Apple press the button Search (bottom right), search "relaxed" en search field located at the top and select the first available result or, if you are reading this article directly from the iPhone or iPad where you want to install the game, tap this link. Then press the Get / Install and confirm the installation through Facial identification, touch identification that password dell'ID Apple.

    After installing and starting Rento Monopoly, decide whether or not to grant the application the necessary permissions (they are not essential for its operation), select the language (eg. Italian) and decide whether or not you want to start the tutorial that explains how the game works, by clicking on Y that No. Then press the button Start to create a new game; Bluetooth game, playing with a close opponent, etc.

    Depending on the game mode you choose, decide if you want to play as a guest (Login as guest) or as a registered user (Login Register), either to create a room or enter an existing one, etc. Once the game has started, simply follow the instructions on the screen to participate in the game. Pressing Dadi, when it's your turn, you can cast them; pressing BUY you will be able to buy property when it is offered to you, and so on.

    Other Monopoly games online

    There are other Monopoly games online to take into account, especially if the solutions proposed in the previous lines were not to your liking.

    • EuroMonopoly (Windows) - is a free game available for Windows PC that refers to the game of Monopoly, following its graphics and rules in a fairly faithful way.
    • Monopoly from Marmalade Game Studio (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - This is the digital version of Monopoly that tracks the original game as closely as possible. However, it is not free: it costs € 4,49. By making in-app purchases from € 5,49 you can customize the scoreboard, graphics, etc.
    • Europoly (Android / iOS / iPadOS): it is another application that allows you to play a title inspired by Monopoly for free, but whose graphics only vaguely recall it (unlike the application mentioned in the previous point). It's free, but to remove the ads you have to buy the paid version, which costs 3,49 euros.
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