How to listen to music on smart watches (Android, Apple and others)

How to listen to music on smart watches (Android, Apple and others)


When deciding to buy a smartwatch, you should also evaluate its functionality in terms of music playback- Will it only work as a kind of remote control for your smartphone or will it actually be able to stream music and sync songs so you can listen to them anywhere?

With that many different musical applications and streaming platforms available on the market, the answer to this question may be less simple than you might think, especially because it is not possible to operate the chosen music service with the hardware installed in the smartwatch. We will see, among other things, in the following paragraphs that, in reality, the best support for offline music playback does not come from the smart watches developed by Apple and Google.

Here is everything you need to know to know ability of smart watches to play music both from your phone and independently.

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    Apple watchOS

    As a market leader also in smartwatches, it is not surprising that theApple watch offer the user the most options for listening to music and other types of audio; Apple Music In fact, it is the most obvious option: the application allows you to control the music played on your phone directly from your wrist or stream songs directly to the Apple Watch by listening to it through headphones. Bluetooth.

    By subscribing to Apple Music, you can stream it every song in the catalog Or listen to everything that has been digitally purchased and imported on the smartwatch.

    If the services are compatible with the chosen watch, the music tracks can be streamed directly to an Apple Watch via Wi-Fi O LTE; Also, if you are far from the internet connection and want to leave your phone at home, you can sync the songs on the Apple Watch in advance by going to My watch present in the Apple Watch app on your smartphone, then in Music mi Add music. Synchronization will only work while theApple watch is in charge.

    also Spotify has a dedicated app forApple watch It can be used to stream music tracks directly to your wrist or to control playback on another device. Plus, thanks to a recent update, it now works on Wi-Fi and mobile devices as well, allowing you to go out without your phone.

    However, a clock data connection source is required and it is still impossible to sync playlists with the clock for offline listening.

    Then there is an app, Youtube music, dedicated to Apple Watch, but only used to explore your music library and control playback on other devices. Similar functions can be found in the app Deezer by Apple Watc.

    Google Wear operating system

    The smartwatch platform of Google you have yet to implement full sync support for Youtube music that, taking into account the fact that Google Play Music has been removed, it is very strange. However, it is possible to use Use OS to control the basic functions of Youtube music on your smartphone.

    The above applies to almost all music services - there is no app Use OS dedicated to the services offered, for example, for Apple Watch, so there is no playlist synchronization.

    Playback controls will appear on your smartwatch each time the device Android plays multimedia content both through the application and through the podcast player, but beyond starting and stopping playback, there is not much you can do and it will still be necessary to always carry your smartphone with you.

    The only music service that has an app compatible with Use OS es Spotify Although it doesn't offer many features other than what you get through the standard integration of Android with Use OS: You can add songs to your music library from your watch and switch between playback devices, but you can't stream music directly to your watch, and you can't sync tracks for offline listening.

    To play songs on a smart watch Use OS without also needing a telephone, theBetter option is the application NavMusic which provides a free trial period after which you pay: it is a small application based on the transfer of local files on your watch, thus obtaining the desired music in digital format.

    Fitbit, Samsung and Garmin

    Each bar of Fitbit su Versa Lite allows you to control music while playing on the smartphone connected to it, through any application choose to use. On watches except Versa Lite and the new Sense and Versa 3, more oriented to cloud services, you can synchronize the digital tracks acquired with your device through the application Fitbit Connect.

    Also in this case Spotify dedicates a special application to smart watches Fitbit, but again it only allows you to control playback on other devices: in fact, it is not possible to sync playlists with the clock. The applications that allow you to do this, on any device. except Versa Lite, I am Deezer mi Pandora. Wanting, therefore, to listen to his music in Fitbit Without having your phone handy, you have to use one of those streaming services or copy digital music files, as explained above.

    Regarding the series Samsung Galaxy Watch, starting the application Music note that it is possible to switch from controlling music playback on the phone to that of the watch itself: to listen to music offline, you can sync the digital tracks on the smart watch or activate the app Spotify dedicated and in version First allows you to sync playlists on the smart watch.

    Finally, the wide range of smart watches Garmin has music playback options similar to those Samsung: You can use these clocks to control playback from most music applications on your phone or to play synchronized digital music through your computer with Garmin Connect, allowing you to leave your phone at home.

    The only music service compatible with a native application of the same wearables is Spotify and, as in the devices Samsung, subscribers to Spotify Premium they can sync playlists to a Garmin device to listen to them anywhere.

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