How to find Facebook id

How to find Facebook id

Maybe not everyone knows, but Facebook assigns an identification code to each of its users and to each page that is created in it. That is, it applies a kind of "badge" to accurately recognize people and pages. This code is usually called "ID" and, although knowing it does not help much in the daily use of the social network, discovering yours or perhaps that of your friends can be fun.

In addition, it must be said that the Facebook ID can be useful for the installation of some plugins aimed at promoting pages on blogs and websites, in short, it is still useful as some might think. So how about you discover yours? If your answer is yes, keep reading. We will find out together how to find facebook id for personal profiles and public pages.

I assure you that the procedure to follow is extremely simple and does not require any special tools: all you need is one of the most popular PC browsing programs (eg Chrome or Firefox) and the address of the profile or page whose ID you want to know . Let's get to work!


    • Facebook ID: what it is and what it is for
    • How to find a person's ID on Facebook
    • How to find a page ID on Facebook
    • Online services to find Facebook ID

    Facebook ID: what it is and what it is for

    Before really seeing how to find facebook id, it seems correct to explain a little more in detail What is it and what is it for.

    In the IT sector,User ID (usually abbreviated as User ID that UID) is nothing more than a numerical code by which it is possible to uniquely identify the user of a platform. Facebook, like other platforms, uses it to identify users and pages, and it can be found in various ways.

    Regarding the recovery of the identification that refers to the profile of a person, need parse the page source of your interest in the browser and search for the string "Profile Id". Refering to pagesOn the other hand, the procedure is decidedly less cumbersome, since the social network integrates an ad hoc function that is useful for the purpose.

    In addition, I would like to point out the presence of some online tools that allow you to find the Facebook ID with some ease - they do not always work, but they cost nothing to try, so they are worth considering.

    How to find a person's ID on Facebook

    So let's get down to business and see how to find a person's id on facebook. The steps that you will have to do are basically two: first you have to go to the profile of the person of your interest, analyze the address that you see in the upper bar of the browser and write down everything that is after it oblique bar (the symbol /). After that, you need to analyze the source of the page, to see the HTML code of the same.

    So, log in to Facebook from your main page and if you want to know your ID, go to your profile by clicking on Your Name located in the upper right.

    If, on the other hand, you are interested in knowing someone else's ID, go to yours. profile, looking for him through the search bar in the upper left and select the result most relevant.

    Once you have reached the profile of your interest (yours or that of another user), click on Address bar browser you are using (the one above) and carefully analyze the address you see inside.

    • If the address has a format like you have to write everything after the slash (so name.surname.xx).
    • If the address has a format like you did "Bingo" directly, since the ID you are looking for is the number after the equals sign (=).

    Let's take the profile of the Facebook founder as an example, Mark Zuckerberg: to find out the ID of your page you can analyze the source of the latter using any of the most popular web browsers: Chromium, Firefox, Safarietc. These are the steps you need to follow in more detail.

    • Chrome and Firefox - connect to the Facebook profile whose ID you want to discover, right click anywhere on the page and select the item View source code in the menu that opens.
    • internet browser - connected to the Facebook profile whose ID you want to discover, right click anywhere on the page, select the item HTML in the menu that opens and go to the tab Scrubber on the panel below.
    • Tables - Press the button (...) located in the upper right, select the items Other Tools> Development Tools in the menu that opens.
    • Safari —Connect to the Facebook profile whose ID you want to discover, right-click anywhere on the page and select the item Show page source in the menu that opens.

    As a result, you get a page of text with seemingly confusing information inside. At this point, to find the ID of the selected profile, you need to retrieve the search bar browser (which is usually done by pressing the key combination Ctrl + F on the computer keyboard; cmd + f on Mac) and find the string Profile Id.

    The DNI of the person (or of the page) is, as is easily understood, the one indicated after the wording "ID". In the case of Zuckerberg 4.

    You expected it to be "1", right? But not! The first three Facebook users were fake profiles that Zuckerberg himself used when he designed the social network. These profiles are no longer available but you keep the ID number 4.

    How to find a page ID on Facebook

    The procedure for find the id of a facebook page it is much more immediate than what we have just seen for personal profiles. In this case, indeed, simply act from the information section of the page and voila. However, I would point out to you that this is only feasible for pages that you manage yourself (for other people's you could try to detect the ID via one of the solutions given in the next chapter).

    To continue, then access Facebook from its main page and go to the page of your interest, searching for it through the search bar from the social network located in the upper left.

    Once you've gone there, select the item Info present below the cover image (if you don't see the item in question, open the menu Other located in the position in question and click on the wording Information present inside). Scroll, therefore, the screen that opens up and down: you will find the identification code of the page under the heading Page ID.

    Online services to find Facebook ID

    In conclusion, I want to point out the existence of online services to find Facebook ID. There isn't much that actually works, but from the tests I did to run this guide, I found one that is very reliable: Find my FB ID. It allows you to identify IDs from personal profiles and public pages in a very short time and in a very intuitive way.

    To use it, go to your home page and paste the URL of the profile or page of your interest in text field which is at the top. The profile URL is what you find in Address bar from your browser when you see the page with the Facebook profile of which you want to find out the ID (eg. in the case of Mark Zuckerberg).

    Once you have pasted the address of the profile of your interest on the Find My FB ID home page, click the button Find Facebook ID and in a few moments you will see your profile ID in the center of the screen. In the case of Mark Zuckerberg's profile, in fact, the number will appear 4.

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