How to delete a Microsoft account

Cómo eliminar una account de Microsoft products

Después de usar la sincronización de data de Outlook, OneDrive y Windows durante varios años, ha decidido crear a nueva cuenta de Microsoft y eliminar la anterior. Ya ha tenido éxito en la primera operación, mientras that todavía no ha logrado comprender how to delete Microsoft account. Bueno, si ese es el caso, no se preocupe: de hecho, puedo explicarle, paso a paso, todo lo que hay que hacer for completar esta "hazaña".

Eliminar una cuenta de Microsoft es un proceso realmente fácil de hacer y solo toma unos minutos de tiempo libre completarlo. Lo único: recuerda que, with tu cuenta, también loseás el acceso a los archivos en OneDrive, al buzón de Outlook, a la sincronización de datos de Windows y a todos los services conectados a este último (by ejemplo, Xbox Live, Microsoft 365 para applications de Office, etc. en).

If everything is clear to you and you still intend to continue, sit back and focus on reading the information that I am about to give you. I'm sure eventually you'll be ready to agree with me that completing the Microsoft account deletion was a no-brainer. Ban the talk and let's get started!


    • How do I remove Microsoft
      • Preliminary operations
      • Account deletion
    • How to remove a Microsoft account from a device
      • How to remove Microsoft account from Windows
      • How to remove Microsoft account from macOS
      • Cómo eliminar la cuenta de Microsoft de Android
      • How to remove Microsoft account from iOS / iPadOS
    • How to delete Microsoft Teams account

    ¿Cómo elimino Microsoft

    Si te interested know How do I delete my Microsoft account?, keep reading: everything is explained below. First, however, I'll walk you through some preliminary steps to take to avoid unpleasant problems or oversights.

    Preliminary operations

    Primero que nothing, quiero aclarar inmediatamente un punto. How ya se mencionó al comienzo del tutorial, una cuenta de Microsoft no es más que la combinación de una dirección de correo electrónico y una contraseña que se utilizan para acceder a servicios como, OneDrive, Microsoft 365 that Xbox Live.

    A Microsoft account is the same as an email address Hotmail that panoramaSo if you created a Hotmail account in the past and now want to delete it, continuing will delete your Microsoft account as well. Of course?

    Otra cosa importante que debe saber es que the cuentas de Microsoft se pueden asociar con varias suscripciones, como las de Office (Microsoft 365) is Xbox Live (Eg. Game pass), so before deleting your profile you should verify that there are no active subscription services in it. For active services, deleting Microsoft accounts could risk being charged for something that you no longer use.

    To verify that there are no active services in your account, click here to connect to the subscription management panel and make sure that no subscription is indicated. If, on the contrary, there are subscriptions, delete them all by pressing the corresponding option.

    También le sugiero que preste especial atención a la presencia de may be made by each balances for Microsoft or Xbox gift cards, which can be active on your account. If you have a gift card balance, you should take advantage of it before deleting your Microsoft account. Otherwise, the balance obtained through the gift cards will inevitably be lost when the account is closed.

    Also, if you have also used your account so far to send and receive emails through, please note that before deleting it, it may be helpful. download a copy of your messages and contacts that are connected to it. If you don't know how to do it, read my guides on how to export emails from Outlook and how to export the Outlook address book through which I have provided you with all the steps to follow in an extremely detailed way.

    Finally, note that if you intend to delete a Microsoft account because you no longer like the name you have chosen (that is, the part that comes before the @) you can also cope with it if you are creating alias, that is, secondary email addresses that refer to the primary address.

    To create an alias, simply go to the Information section of your Microsoft account and select the item Manage how you sign in to Microsoft. Next, verify your identity by entering your password or the security code received via SMS / app, or, if you have not already done so, indicate which method you intend to use to further protect the account.

    Press, therefore, on the voice Add Email annex to section Alias ​​dell'account y complete el formulario que se muestra en la screen escribiendo la dirección de correo electrónico que desea utilizar como alias.

    Account deletion

    Once you have completed the steps above, to remove Microsoft account, la primera operación que you must realizar es conectarte al panel de administración del mismo. Para hacer esto, haga clic aquí, luego inicie sesión en el servicio con la cuenta que desea cerrar y haga clic en Your Name, placed in the upper left.

    On the new page that has opened, click on the link How to close your account at the bottom of the page (on the left) and, after reading the information about the procedure in question, click the button Forward (At the end of the page).

    Later, on the newly opened page, you must put a check mark in all the boxes you see on the screen and, after indicating the reason for closing the profile from the menu Select a reason, click the blue button Mark the account for closing.

    At this point can decirte a ti mismo más que satisfecho: finalmente has logrado completar todo el procedimiento para poder eliminar una cuenta de Microsoft. ¡Felicidades!

    When in doubt, know that you can retrace your steps and reactivate your account within 60 days after the procedure is performed Recently made. During that time, the account is marked for closure, but it actually still exists.

    To reopen the deleted Microsoft account, you will need to be able to prove that you are using the current security information for your account. To do this, simply connect to your Microsoft account in or from any other company website, log in with the credentials of the account you marked for closure, and click the button Reopen your account.

    You will then need to verify your identity by accepting receipt of the security code via e-mail or via SMS / app and to finish you will have to press the button Fine. Simple truth?

    In the unfortunate case that you had thought about it but the maximum time to reactivate and recover your Microsoft account has already elapsed, I'm sorry to tell you, but at this stage of the situation it is no longer possible to do anything.

    However, if you see fit, you can create a new Microsoft account by following the instructions I gave you in my guide on how to create a Microsoft account.

    How to remove a Microsoft account from a device

    Let's see now how to remove a Microsoft account from a device. Next, I will explain how to do this on Windows, but also on macOS, Android and iOS / iPadOS (if I had added the account on these platforms to sync contacts and email accounts).

    How to remove Microsoft account from Windows

    Let's see first how to remove Microsoft account from Windows. First, open the Control panel Windows (you can search for it in the Cortana search bar located on the taskbar of Windows 10 or by clicking on the corresponding menu item Start, in all versions of Microsoft's operating system).

    Then click on the wording User Account and, in the new window that opens, click the item again User Account. Then select the items Manage another account> Remove account And that is. In case you want to keep the files of the account in question, remember to select the option Keep the files.

    For more information on how to delete an account from your PC (not just a Microsoft account), I recommend that you read the guide that I dedicated entirely to this topic.

    How to remove Microsoft account from macOS

    If you have added a Microsoft account Alabama Poppy To use it in Mail, Calendar, or other apps, you can remove it by going into macOS settings.

    Therefore, plan to open the System preferences, by clicking on the gray icon with Gear located in the Dock or Launchpad bar, and access the section Internet account.

    Then select theMicrosoft account to delete by clicking its Name (in the left sidebar) and, after having checked the boxes e-mail, Contact us, Calendar mi Note, Click the button (-) and click on the button OK.

    By deleting the account, the data concerning you will be removed from the applications you previously selected.

    How to remove Microsoft account from Android

    By remove a Microsoft account from Android, you need to go to the system settings and proceed directly from there.

    Therefore, proceed to open the application. settings, pressing the icon of gear wheel present on the home screen or in the drawer and tap the wording Account.

    Now, click on the option Microsoft products (o panorama that Office, as applicable), and if you have more than one Microsoft account associated with your device, select the one you want to remove. Then tap on the option Delete that Delete and confirm the operation by pressing the button Delete account that Account Delete. The game is over!

    How to remove Microsoft account from iOS / iPadOS

    To remove a Microsoft account from yours iPhone that iPad, all you need to do is access the settings iOS / iPadOS, locate the section dedicated to the accounts linked to your device and delete the one that interests you.

    To continue, open the app settings iOS / iPadOS, pressing the gray icon with the Gear present on the home screen, press on the items e-mail that Contact us and, in the new screen that opened, tap the wording Account and in the voice panorama.

    Then press the button Account Delete and confirm the operation by touching the item Delete the iPhone that Delete from iPad, to remove all data associated with the account to be removed from your device. Then wait a few moments and the Microsoft account will be removed from your Apple device.

    How to delete Microsoft Teams account

    You have come to this guide for discover how to delete Microsoft Teams account? Well, if you have created this account with Microsoft and you have already deleted the latter by following the instructions given in the previous chapters, you don't have to do anything else, because by deleting the Microsoft account you will have deleted the Teams account. as a result.

    Otherwise, if you created your Teams account with a Microsoft 365 subscription, you will need to cancel that subscription to do so. If you want more information about it, I refer you to read the guide in which I explain in detail how to delete Microsoft Teams accounts.

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