How to create birthday and party videos

How to create birthday and party videos


Making videos of birthdays and family parties is always a lot of fun and brings the participants even closer, as it will always be possible to relive those memories by starting the video, perhaps a few years after the event or after a certain period of time. Unfortunately, not all users know how to get around and what kind of program or app to use to create birthday and party videos - classic video editing tools can be very difficult to use, as well as expensive.

To meet the needs of everyone in this guide, we have compiled the best applications, the best programs and the best online sites to create birthday and party videos, providing only free tools that are easy for novice users to use, and somehow even fun.

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    Create birthday or party videos

    In the following chapters we will find a series of tools to create your own birthday or party video from videos recorded with our smartphone or digital video camera (for those who have one). Since video editing can be done on any platform, we will show you the PC programs, smartphone and tablet applications, and even online sites, so that you can create the birthday video by simply opening the browser.

    Programs to create birthday videos

    A program that we can use in Windows to create birthday and party videos is EaseUS video editor, downloadable for free from the official website.

    With this program we can create creative videos using a good selection of filters, effects and assistants to create thematic videos, without being great experts. The program is offered free of charge in the trial version, but all functions are immediately available for use: in fact, the only limits of this program are the presence of a watermark that identifies the program and the export limit of the videos made (maximum 720p), easily bypassed by purchasing the subscription.

    Another very useful program to make videos of parties and birthdays is Wondershare Filmora, downloadable free for Windows and Mac from the official website.

    With this program we can create very beautiful videos with a few clicks of the mouse: in most cases it will be enough to drag the video file to edit to the program interface and choose one of the available effects or transitions, to be able to perform the only one video of its kind. The free program has all the necessary functions to create our video but in the export phase it will add an identification watermark: if we want to remove it, just buy the commercial use license.

    To discover other useful editing programs for creating birthday and party videos, we suggest you read our guide Create photo video, music, effects like picture slideshow.

    Application to create birthday videos

    Do we want to create the birthday and party video directly from our smartphone or tablet, without having to transfer the content to edit it on the PC? In this case, we recommend that you test the application immediately. Quik, available free for Android and iPhone / iPad.

    The password with this application is speed, in fact it will be enough to select the video to edit and choose one of the many editing styles available to create a quality video. The application also allows you to sync a video with any piece of music, trim parts of the video, and add characters or titles. The application is completely free, you do not need to pay any subscription or additional functions.

    Another very complete application to create birthday and party videos is Magisto, available free for Android and iPhone / iPad.

    With this application you can create beautiful and funny videos in a few minutes, just select the starter video, choose one of the ready-to-use editing styles (there is also a style for birthdays and holidays in general), add stickers and effects and finally export the new video, so you can share it on social networks or messaging applications. The application is free but has some paid functions, which in any case do not affect usability.

    If we want to try other video editing apps, we suggest you read our article. The best slideshow maker apps for Android and iPhone.

    Online sites to create birthday videos

    Don't we want to use programs and applications to create the birthday or party video? In this case, just open any web browser (including Google Chrome) and open Kapwing, an available online video editor.

    The site works without registration and offers all the necessary tools to create the desired video. To use it, press the button Click to load to upload the video for editing and use the tools at the top of the window to add text, add images or an audio track; At the end of the work we press the big red Export video button in the upper right to download the new video, so that it can be shared or stored in the device memory.

    Another very interesting site for creating birthday and party videos online is Clipchamp, which compared to the previous site offers many more options out of the box.

    Once you have signed up for free on the site (we can also use a Google or Facebook account to immediately access all the features), we upload the video to edit and choose one of the available video templates, to save a lot of time. In the end just press Export at the top right to download or share the video.

    If we want to use other online video editing sites we can continue reading in our guide Online video montage and video editing sites with remixes and special effects.


    To make a video for a birthday or a family party, we don't necessarily have to be directors: using the tools presented above we can take advantage of ready-made templates or styles, so you can upload the video and mount it spectacularly with just a few clicks or taps. If we are lovers of video editing, all the sites, applications and programs presented allow us to act manually, to unleash our creativity.

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