How to connect to the Kad network

How to connect to the Kad network

The number of servers for eMule that can be considered safe and reliable is visibly decreasing, user privacy is increasingly at risk ... but don't worry! You can actually download and upload files to the "mule" even without going to the much talked about server.

As? Taking advantage of Kad, a network that allows you to share files with eMule, transforming each computer into a kind of separate server. In it, it is possible to track almost all the files also present on the eD2K network (that of the servers) and download them at fairly high speeds without fear of running into spies willing to monitor your online activities. The only problem is that during the first few uses it can be a bit complicated to configure, nothing dramatic anyway.

Read the guide at how to connect to eMule Kad network that you will find below and I assure you that you will be able to download files at excellent speeds without too much waiting and without facing too complicated configurations. The procedure can also be implemented on Mac, if you use aMule. Now, however, let's not get lost in small talk any more and take action immediately. Roll up your sleeves and start configuring your eMule as follows.


    • How to connect to the eMule Kad network
    • How to connect to the aMule Kad network
    • eMule cannot connect to Kad network: how to fix it

    Before we get to the heart of the tutorial, we will explain how connect to the Kad network, it seems okay to provide you with some preliminary information in this sense, in such a way as to allow you to have clearer ideas.

    We start from a fundamental premise: the operation of eMule is based on two different networks, the one When is that eD2K. As mentioned at the beginning, the Kad network is a serverless type network, that is, it does not use servers to function, which allows file sharing with eMule, transforming the computers of the users of the program into many separate servers. Given its characteristics, it is sufficiently safe and intended to last over time, since it is not subject to arbitrary closures.

    Network eD2KOn the other hand, it bases its operation on the use of servers and, for this reason, and unlike the Kad network, it can lead to the encounter of spy servers, as well as false files and viruses. To this must also be added the fact that eMule's servers may be subject to shutdown, being, in fact, unusable. For precisely these reasons, it is important to always use a safe and up-to-date server list. For more information on this, I invite you to consult my tutorial focused specifically on the subject.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the connection to the Kad network can be established in two different ways: one that completely exclude the use of eD2K servers (which is what I recommend) and another that instead uses servers like "Put" to find the nodes (that is, other users' computers) needed to establish a working connection.

    How to connect to the eMule Kad network

    At this point I would say that we can finally take the real action and therefore figure out how to do it. connect to eMule Kad network. To perform the operation in question without using the eD2K servers, you must rely on a configuration file called nodes.dat, which contains all the coordinates that allow eMule to find the nodes to establish communication with the network.

    There are several sites from which this file can be downloaded (for example Nodes.dat) but unfortunately, given the decline in popularity that eMule has suffered in recent years, fewer and fewer are working. If the ones I'm about to tell you stop working, try to find new ones by doing a Google search.

    That said, the first step you need to take is to start eMule, go to the tab When program and place the check mark next to the item Load node.dat from URL, then you need to paste one of the addresses you find below into the adjacent text field and click the button Ear which is located in the lower right.


    In a few minutes your eMule should connect to the Kad network: you will see the arrow located in the program status bar at the bottom right, first it turns yellow and then green. If several minutes pass with the colored arrow yellow, proceed to download a file with many active sources (eg a Linux distribution) and the situation should be fine.

    If, on the other hand, you want to use the Kad network together with the eD2K, normally connect to a server by selecting it in the corresponding tab. employee from eMule, then start downloading some files with a good number of fonts and wait a few minutes. When you've reached a good position in the download queue (so you're downloading at acceptable speeds), go to the tab When from eMule, check next to the entry From known clients and press the button Ear. In no time, you should be able to use both networks profitably.

    At this point, you can configure eMule to search for files on the Kad network or the eD2K network. Then go to the tab Search program, expand the drop-down menu Investigation method and choose the voice Kad Rete or the voice Global (server) of the latter, depending on whether you want to search the Kad network or the eD2K network. Then normally start a new search using the bar located below the heading Name and download your favorite files.

    With the Kad network, searches take a bit longer to complete than with servers, so if you don't see as many results coming up immediately, don't worry. The search is completed only when the bar at the bottom of the window reaches the bottom (that is, from left to right).

    Keep in mind that from now on, to connect to the Kad network, you just have to open eMule and click the button Connect located at the top left (to connect to the Kad and eD2K networks at the same time) or on the button Connect located in the tab When (to connect to the Kad network only). In short, you will no longer have to use the BootStrap function and, consequently, you will no longer have to endure long waits to establish the connection.

    If, on the contrary, what interests you is to know how to do it connect to the KAdu eMule AdunanzA network, the version of eMule designed specifically for faster networks, which bases its operation on the KAdu network (which is practically the same as the Kad network), what you have to do is select the card KAdu in the program window and proceed in the same way that I have already indicated for the "classic" eMule. When you start searching for files, remember to select the item KAdu Rete (or the one that performs the global search, depends on your preferences) in the corresponding drop-down menu.

    How to connect to the aMule Kad network

    You have a Mac, and therefore you would like to understand what steps to take to connect to the aMule Kad networkThe version of eMule designed for the Apple operating system? No problem. The procedure you must follow to be successful and connect to the Kad network is good or bad identical to that of the "classic" eMule.

    Then start aMule, click the button Social which is in the upper left and go to the section When from the screen that opens. Then paste in the text field Knots one of the addresses listed below, press the button ENTER on your Mac keyboard and click the button Sip to connect to the Kad network.


    If you prefer to connect to the Kad network through the clients identified in the eD2K network, click the button BootStrap to customer notes located on the right in section When of the card Social by aMule.

    After completing the steps above, you can configure aMule to search for files on the Kad network or the eD2K network. To do this, go to the tab Research program, expand the drop-down menu Type and choose the voice of the latter When if you want to do a search on the Kad network or what Global if you want to search the eD2K network. After that normally start a new search using the field next to the entry Name and download the files of your interest.

    If then you wonder how connect to the aMule AdunanzA Kad network, the version of aMule designed for fast connections, I inform you that you need to perform the same steps that I already indicated for aMule, there is no difference.

    eMule cannot connect to Kad network: how to fix it

    You have followed the instructions in this guide, but eMule cannot connect to the Kad network and then you would like to understand how to solve? The arrow in the lower right of the program window does not turn green? There may be a problem with your router configuration. Most likely, the device blocks the ports, that is, the communication channels, used by the program to connect to the eD2K and Kad networks.

    To make sure this is the problem, click the button Options located in the upper right part of the eMule window, select the item Connection in the window that opens and press the button Main doors to initiate a door control. If, as can be easily understood, the TCP and UDP ports of your eMule should be blocked, configure the router correctly by following the instructions below.

    • Open the browser you normally use to browse the Internet (eg. Chromium) and linked to the address or in the address, to access the configuration panel of your router. If none of the addresses work, read my tutorial on how to enter the router to solve it;
    • Login to the admin panel of the router using the combination admin / admin or that administrator password. If neither username / password combination works, try to fix the problem by following the instructions in my tutorial on how to view the modem password;
    • Access the section dedicated to Port assignment or everyone 'Forwarding of ports in the admin panel of your router (unfortunately I cannot give you more precise information as each brand of modem / router has a admin panel structured in a different way) and click on the item to add a new rule or create a new virtual server;
    • Complete the form that is proposed by entering how Inner door mi Outer door the number of the TCP port used by eMule, select the item TCP in the drop-down menu of door type to configure and enter the IP address of your PC in the field Destination IP that host name. Come name for the rule choose what you want (ex. "EMule TCP");
    • Repeat the same operation for the eMule UDP port entering as Inner door mi Outer door the UDP port number used by the program and how door type the value UDP and save the changes to start using the eMule Kad network without connection problems.

    If you don't know what the IP address of your computer is (I mean the local IP address), to find out, follow the instructions in my guide on how to find the IP. However, to find the TCP and UDP ports of eMule, all you have to do is press the button Options in the program window and, on the screen that opens, select the item Connection from the left sidebar. For more information, you can read my tutorial on how to open the doors of eMule.

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