Host a virtual party with friends or family in a group video call

Host a virtual party with friends or family in a group video call


Although this type of solution may become, in the future, something useful to be close to family and friends who live far away, by 2020 it becomes mandatory to celebrate Christmas, the New Year and every day of celebration "virtually" ", with a party to make through group video calls. Through some applications (including some that are really worth discovering today) it is possible not only to make video calls, but also to remain in constant eye contact as if we were all in the same house. Especially using a PC or the big TV screen, you can family reunions in streaming video also with many friends all together, talking to them live without interruptions.

In this sense, the different video-chat applications come to our aid, some of which are more suitable for organizing parties with family and friends to exchange greetings, gifts and to be together even all or all night. the day if you prefer.

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    The best video apps for virtual parties

    For the Christmas holidays 2020, many of the most popular video conferencing applications that are normally paid, have become free and we can use them with all their functions without paying, even for parties of 50 or 100 people together.


    The number one application that you should prefer today to have a virtual party is definitely Focus, especially because for the holidays it was removed the 40 minute limit on free accounts "for all gatherings worldwide for upcoming special occasions." The possibility, given to all users on the days when the holidays occur, is valid not only for those celebrated by Western culture but for parties celebrated all over the world.

    During the holiday season, therefore, unlimited video calls on Focus It will be granted to all the people who connect to the site to the application, without having to make any particular changes in the configuration. Also, there will be no additional costs as the functionality also extends to those who have a free account.

    However, the platform imposes some limitations regarding the hours and days in which you can take advantage of the gift, being possible to make limited calls as follows:

    • from 16:00 on 23/12/2020 to 12:00 on 26/12/2020;
    • from 16:00 on 30/12/2020 to 12:00 on 02/01/2021.

    Those who, on the other hand, have a subscription will have the possibility of making video calls to people who will not be able to meet at Christmas as long as they want, without any limit.

    And for the little ones Focus provide one video call with santa claus, which for the occasion will be performed by professional actors and entertainers who, before the face-to-face with the children, during the reservation phase, will be able to prepare by personalizing their performance thanks to the help of the parents. To get all the information, just log into the site. Long live santa claus (but it's not free).

    Please note that it is possible participate in video calls to Zoom even without being registered, both from the PC and from the phone.

    In addition, Zoom and Meet can also be used on TV

    Google Meet

    Google Meet, for the Christmas holidays, you have not made any changes to your settings since, already in 2020, you have extended the duration of calls to 24 hours for free users, thus giving the opportunity to make video chats and talk with their loved ones unlimited temporary and up to one maximum of 100 users simultaneously until March 31, 2021.

    Microsoft teams

    also Microsoft teams you do not need to revolutionize your offer for the Christmas season since recently its developers have implemented changes that guarantee their free users to keep 24 hour meetings with a maximum of 300 participating.

    Among other things, it is possible to participate in meetings organized in Clubs even if you don't have the app or an account Microsoft; All this could make this platform the best option for organizing Christmas meetings and New Year's Eve parties through video calls.

    Other options

    With that said, it is important to remember that Clubs, Focus mi Get together are not the only options for free video chat: there are many applications that allow unlimited calls with large groups, many of which are probably already in use, such as:

    1. Facebook Messenger what makes available unlimited calls with a maximum of 50 users, but requires the app Mensajero, Available for Android ed iPhone, or the desktop client and an account Mensajero / Facebook to participate. Facebook Messenger is the funniest application for video parties, because it has many days and effects.
      Also note that it is also possible use Facebook video rooms to create a live broadcast that all friends can join without inviting them.
    2. Google Duo is a'great option for group video calls, not only because it includes fun effects and games, but also because it is free and supports up to 32 participants, you can use from PC and smartphone and it has a video quality that never stops, far superior to that of WhatsApp.
    3. You can make video calls with Skype, an application very similar to Duo, that everyone knows, that can be used from PC and smartphone, can be used without creating an account and a high quality of transmission with the support of many participants together, moreover, always It's free.
    4. FaceTime that provides unlimited calls with a maximum of 32 participating, but it is only available for devices iOS, Poppy O iPad;
    5. Video calls with WhatsApp are unlimited for a maximum group 8 users, but requires the installation of the appropriate application, compatible with both Android with anyone iPhone. Anyway, I do not recommend using WhatsApp for group video calls with many people, because it is less effective than other applications.
    6. Houseparty what makes available unlimited video chats for a maximum of Per people downloading the appropriate application or from Play store Oh yeah App Store.

    As a bonus, there is also a more nerdy solution to creating a truly amazing virtual house party: Twitch, the best site to stream live images from a mobile device or computer, which can also be used to watch movies together (from Prime Video)

    It should also be noted that it is also possible to synchronize music, that it is possible to watch a movie on Netflix or YouTube along with others in streaming.

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