Generating new music with artificial intelligence

Generating new music with artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence, for now, goes far beyond experiments and is really taking hold in many projects and practical applications. Among these, those of generating music are evolving a lot, so that even those who have no knowledge of musical instruments or experience in singing can still have fun and unleash their imagination. Artificial intelligence applied to music works through an algorithm that, by examining a large number of recordings, manages to automatically generate a new and unique musical composition. The algorithm combines layers of sounds made up of loops, with different lines for each musical instrument.

Several web applications with which to experiment with generating music using artificial intelligence which can then be used for listening or as a background for a video, video game or any other project. Some examples of applications with which to generate new music through AI are available, free of charge, at the following sites.

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1) is a background music generator, great to use to relax and focus, lasting indefinitely. The music on this site is not composed by someone, but is generated automatically and never ends.

2) Mubert It is an evolving project, which you can test in a demo version. Choose the duration (maximum 29 minutes) and the musical genre (Ambient, Hip-Hop, Electronic, House and others) or mood (sad, happy, tense, relaxed, etc.), then you can create a track that will be new every time, that you can listen to in streaming and that you can also download for $ 1 to be able to use it in your own projects without worrying about licenses and rights From author. . Mubert can compose electronic music in real time that adapts to the tastes of each user, so that two people never have to listen to the same thing.

3) is a site that you can use for free create new music. When creating an account, you can define some parameters like genre, duration, musical instruments, duration, and more to automatically generate a new musical composition that can be listened to online or even downloaded. is a complete online project, you must try it. Aiva also has a bar editor to manipulate the music, edit it to your liking, add effects and new lines of musical instruments. The editor level can be complex if you are inexperienced.

4) is another free site for creating new music using artificial intelligence. By creating a free account, you can immediately select the genre, mood, instruments, time, duration, and then listen to the generated tracks.

5) Ampermusic is another site to generate really powerful music, perhaps the one that allows you to be more granular in the selection of the characteristics that the new composition should have. Here you can also access the tool by creating a free account. When you create a new project to compose, you can not only define the genre, but also indicate a sample type among those proposed and then select the type of percussion, string instruments, etc. for the new song.

BONUS: To finish the article, it is worth reporting on the fun site. Google Blog Opera, which makes four different colored spots sing, each with a Tatar opera voice, each with a different tone (bass, tenor, mezzo-soprano and soprano). Voices are recorded by professional singers and can be modulated differently by moving the different spots, dragging them up and down to the left and right. Over time, you can create Christmas party music, the kind you sing in church, from scratch and record it to share. Using the Christmas switch you can listen to some of the most famous Christmas songs sung by the blobs. The artificial intelligence model uses the voices acquired by the singers to make the blobs hit the correct notes and create the correct sounds to produce a happy and festive song, making them sing too.

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