Crossword. Now we are going to show you everything you need to know to understand this beautiful game. From its etymological meaning, its origins, its benefits, the puzzle models that exist and also strategies to solve it quickly but quickly.


    Crossword: How to play point by point 😀

    To do a Crossword online for free, you just have to follow these instructions step by step:

    1.  Open your preferred browser and go to the game site
    2. As soon as you enter the site, the game will be displayed on the screen. You should only choose the language and category that you like the most. Among the categories that you can locate are: Fruits, computers, animals Countries, Vegetables and Music
    3. Now, you will find some useful buttons. Can "Add or remove sound", Give the button"Play"And start playing, you can"Pause" Y "Restart"At any moment, Increase screen size O well exit game.
    4. It manages to unite each and every one of the pieces in such a way that the image you chose is created.
    5. After filling a game, click "exit game" to do other crosswords.


    ¿How to solve a crossword? 🖊

    Now we show you eight tricks that will help you progress your way of doing crossword puzzles:

    1- Read each and every one of the tracks

    The first thing you should do when starting a crossword is read each and every clue from top to bottom and also enter the simple solutions. It is advisable to continue in a specific direction. Left to right or vice versa and then proceeds up and down accordingly. You can be sure that you have recorded each and every known solution.

    If, on the other hand, you had to select the questions indiscriminately and cross them, probably some very simple boxes pass in front of you without you noticing.

    When you have completed this first round of the crossword, you should now proceed to the rather difficult questions that you have not yet been able to answer. This makes guessing easier for these squares and you can more easily start a second round.

    Now it is easier to answer questions that only offer multiple possible answers. To serve as an example, if you are looking for a personal pronoun with 3 letters , you can still choose between ME, YOU, US, etc. If you have already completed one or two letters with the first round, certain options can now be quickly excluded and in the best case, there is only one solution left.

    2- Use markers

    markers for crucifixes

    If there are still too many answer options for a question or, in general, you are not particularly sure about the answer, tentatively enter the word flimsily with a pen. If, as you continue to solve the puzzle, certain more letters are found for the word you are looking for, you will see if your first thought was correct or not.

    Sometimes it's good to wait until multiple letters are given for a questionable word. If it's just one, like For example a Y too, the probability is too high that multiple variations can still apply. With what is going to be better that you wait a little longer. If you are partially sure that the word you want fits, you can properly track it.

    3- Take a break🙂

    If you've been stuck on a word for a long time and can't go any further through the crossword, you shouldn't be afraid of Take a break. Then put the mystery aside, clear your head and do something else.

    It is surprising how, after a certain interval of time when reading a question again, suddenly you have a surprise effect where you were trapped before. The time factor is not critical when solving a crossword anyway. The bottom line is that the challenge is entertaining.

    4- Look for the cover story

    Not each and every crossword has a specific title topic. More if a reason or topic is given in the header, you can expect that certain part of the questions and answers are directed exactly to that.

    So this does not mean that each and every word is based on him. In particular, small filler words, such as pronouns, abbreviations, and the like, will not be based on a topic. But if there is a Christmas or winter theme in the headline, a tree with 5 letters is more likely to be the FIR than the OAK.

    This is particularly helpful if you cannot move forward with a question with multiple possible answers. So keep the topic in mind, it will guide you on the right path.

    5- Search words from other languages

    The Crosswords they are also frequently used to look up words in foreign languages. However, you can be sure that in general it will never be too difficult a lexicon. Most of the time, it is not about mastering the other language perfectly in order to solve the question. Rather, it is eminently small words that may have come into your language in general use of the language. Make sure you have certain letters for the word you are looking for, then it will be easier to guess.

    6- Find out what kind of word you are looking for

    kinds of words

    Sometimes it can use the question mark to foresee exactly in which part of the argument the solution should be classified. This gives you the chance to write the ending safely. When searching for a verb, they usually end the same way. It is exactly the same with plural words. If you search for the plural of a word, it will surely end in -is or -s. 

    First, you can use it to enter the last letters of a word, even if you are not sure of the whole word. On the other hand, the few letters at the end of the word help to guess more words that cross it more quickly. However, if you are unsure about the proper ending, enter it with a pen for now.

    7- The multiple meaning of the word

    With certain questions you must look more than once. Well maybe the ask for itself be ambiguous. Firstly, due to the fact that a word in the question may have different meanings, to serve as an example in Banco. If you are asked what you do in a bank, you should take into consideration that it can mean both seat bank and financial corporation bank.

    Then the reply could "be sit there" O well "invest money".

    There is also the possibility that a note is understood verbatim or proverbially. Meditating around the corner is sometimes necessary here. Do not always and at all times take the most frequent meaning of words, but also try to take other levels into consideration. To serve us as an example, if you are asked for a way to Rome, surely you should not name a specific street or path, but the answer could be ALL, according to the saying "All roads lead to Rome".

    8- When nothing helps ...

    If you have now followed all of these tips and still cannot move on with certain words, there is no point in asking for certain tips. So be it ask for advice to certain friends or old-fashioned acquaintances or use traditional or digital reference works.

    So be dictionaries, lexicons or encyclopedias, one of them is probably at home. However, if you are on the go and solving the crossword in a different location, you can select multiple online offers for puzzle aids.

    We hope that this information has been useful to you. And, if you feel ready now, we wait for you to start doing your crossword.

    What is a crossword?????

    The Crosswords They are a pastime made up of a series of empty squares that you must finally complete the game. Find each and every word using the free tips. As certain words are completed, certain letters in other words appear automatically, making resolution easier. It is very common in newspapers and gazettes and, therefore, they are also successful on the Internet.

    La Crossword difficulty changes according to the format and the number of words. The less the words are crossed and the more words the game has, the greater the chances that the game will be quite difficult. In addition to this, the degree of complexity changes according to the topic of the crossword, so if you learn to play, choose a topic that you like and have knowledge of.

    Crosswords are currently one of the most popular hobbies, although they have lost ground in front of other games like sudoku. There is hardly any newspaper or gazette that does not have a hobby section that includes one or more crossword drawbacks. But at what point did it all begin?

    History of Crosswords🤓

    crossword complexity

    El first crossword that we know took place on December XNUMX, XNUMX, when the newspaper Sunday New York World printed a puzzle called "crossword", developed by Arthur Wynne, an English chronicler from Liverpool. The puzzle was an immediate hit with the public and became a weekly attraction for the publication.

    Despite its success, World was the only newspaper to publish this puzzle until 1924, at the time a beginning publisher released a complete compilation of crosswords published over time by World, in book format. Simon & Schuster launched a new folly that would become one of the largest publishers on the planet.

    The word board- A singular type of acrostic consisting of a set of letters annotated on a square 'grid', so that exactly the same words can be read both horizontally and vertically, dates back to ancient times.


    The ancestor of the Crossword

    The oldest known ancestor of the crossword puzzle was found in the city of Thebes in the tomb of the high priest Neb-wenenef appointed for that function during the first year of the reign of Ramses II, pharaoh of the XNUMXth dynasty (XNUMX - thousand two hundred before Christ). On the left side of the corridor leading to the inner chamber of the tomb, a large stone on which human images and a series of hieroglyphs were recorded.

    The text contains only a series of praiseworthy prayers about the god Osiris, protector of the deceased, as was frequent at the time. More the way the hieroglyphs were arranged surprised archaeologists. Altogether there are eleven horizontal lines. Right in the center of them, a column was marked to point out that the hieroglyphs, read vertically, also make sense.

    Since then it has continued to expand all over the planet, becoming indispensable in any gazette or newspaper.

    Types of Crosswords  emoji-crossword

    Crosswords have different types. These can be classified into universal, iconic, nominal, negative, by extension, and by guessing. In crosswords with a "simple" level, the nominal definition, followed by divination. In those with a "quite difficult" level, the situation is reversed: the definition by divination is followed by the nominal.

    However, crosswords are presented in different categories. Let's see what they are:

    White crossword

    White crosswords

    It is a genre of crossword in which there are no black squares, where the participant himself must discover his location.

    Crossword translator or Bilingual

    This crossword is aimed at learning a new language.

    Crossword Syllabic

    It is a type of modality in which each and every box has to be entered a syllable instead of a single letter.

    Crossword with character

    Character crosswords

    This kind of crossword is very popular today. Contains the photograph of a character where one or multiple of the definitions correspond to the name or surnames of the same.

    Crossword Cryptic🤓

    In this complex modality uses a sentence that hides instructions to build or discover the solution between the words of the sentence. It is singularly usual in the UK where the crossword from The Times stands out.

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