Convert Video to MP4 to DVD and DVD to MP4

Convert Video to MP4 to DVD and DVD to MP4


Many users between 2000 and 2009 have collected a large number of commercial movie DVDs or homemade discs, which can be viewed comfortably sitting on the sofa with a special player. In the following years, the widespread use of streaming services and portable platforms has greatly reduced this practice, leading to DVDs collecting dust in some drawers.
If we wish save the videos contained in DVD in a digital file or vice versa (bring MP4 to DVD), in this guide we will show you all the free programs designed for these needs, so that you can have maximum control over the content of the optical discs and what to keep and what to discard.

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    How to Convert DVD Videos to MP4 (and Vice Versa)

    In the following chapters we will show you the free programs that we can use on our computer to convert DVD Video optical discs to MP4 video files and vice versa (then create DVD Videos from one or more MP4). All programs can be used without time limits or limitations on the size of the files or DVD to be made, so that we save ourselves from buying expensive and now obsolete programs.

    Programs to convert DVD to MP4

    The first program we recommend trying for digital DVD conversion is HandBrake.

    To use the program, we first insert the DVD into the player, wait 2 minutes, then start the program and select the DVD player to load the video.
    Once the video is uploaded to the interface, we check which video and audio tracks to keep, we choose how Format the format MP4, we establish as Preset in the wagon 576p25 then we press up Start coding.

    As a valid alternative to HandBrake we can use the VidCoder program.

    In a simple interface we can load the content of any DVD Video, choose which audio and video tracks to keep, choose whether to integrate subtitles, choose the conversion profile (in the Encoding settingss) and finally convert the disk to an MP4 file by pressing Convert.

    If instead of MP4 files we want to save DVD Video in MKV (newer format and compatible with Smart TV), we can use a free and efficient tool like MakeMKV.

    The simplest program to use to convert DVD to digital video files does not exist: to use it we open the program, select the optical disk from which to take the video, select the tracks to save, choose a path to save the new file and then press Make MKV to cause conversion.
    If you are a beginner and cannot use HandBrake and VidCoder, this is the program for you!

    Convert protected DVD


    If we try to use the first two programs recommended above with a protected DVD, we will not be able to convert to MP4, seen the anti-copy protections built into the original media on the market. The only one that has a system that removes the protections is MakeMKV, but alternatively we can also use one of the programs that you see in our guide to The best programs to copy DVD (rip) to PC.

    NOTE: : removing the protections to make personal copies is not a crime, the important thing is that the copies never leave our house (we cannot distribute or sell them).

    Programs to convert MP4 to DVD

    If, on the other hand, we need a program to bring MP4 to DVD Video (therefore compatible with desktop DVD players), we recommend that you try Freemake Video Converter right away.

    To use it, insert a blank DVD into the recorder, start the program, press the button. Video in the upper right, select the MP4 files to convert, press the button on DVD present below and finally confirm in Burn. In the same window we can choose whether to create a DVD menu and the quality of the conversion, even if the basic parameters are more than enough to make good DVD videos.

    Another very good program to convert MP4 to DVD is AVStoDVD.

    With this program we can quickly convert MP4 videos to a format compatible with DVD Video, so that we can immediately burn the optical disc. To add videos, just click Open, while to start the conversion process we press the button comienzo.

    If you are looking for a complete and feature-rich program to bring MP4 to DVD, we invite you to try DVD Author Plus.

    With it, you can instantly load all MP4 files from the built-in folder tree without having to open the file manager each time to complete the final optical disc creation. When ours Storyboard shown below is complete, set the DVD parameters in the right section of the window, hit Next at the top and finish the burning operations.

    To find other useful programs to convert MP4 to DVD, read ours Guide to convert MKV to AVI or burn MKV to DVD.


    With the programs listed above we will be able to carry out all kinds of conversion from MP4 to DVD and from DVD to MP4, in order to save the optical discs of our wear and tear movies and at the same time create DVDs to give to our elderly relatives or in possession. of the old DVD players still work.

    In another guide we have shown you other programs to convert DVD to MP4 to watch videos on iPhone, so that videos (from DVD) are compatible with the built-in player on the iPhone.
    If instead we would like to convert videos to watch them on Android, we refer you to our guide Convert movies and videos to watch on a smartphone.

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