Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a game for Android and iOS that requires quick thinking and precise aiming. The game has a very colorful look and a very simple gameplay. Check our tips and learn to play this addictive game.


    How to play Bubble Shooter : )

    To play Bubble Shooter online for free, you just have to follow these instructions step by step:

    Step 1: . Open your preferred browser and go to the game's website Emulator.online

    Step 2: . As soon as you enter the website, the game will already be displayed on the screen. You only have to hit play and you can start choosing the configuration that you like the most. Once you have won a game you can level up. There are a total of 5 levels.

    Step 3. Here are some useful buttons. Can "Add or remove sound", Give the button"Play"And start playing, you can"Pause" Y "Restart" anytime.

    Step 4. Get to eliminate all the bubbles in the game.

    Step 5. After completing a game, click "Restart" to start over.

    What is the Bubble Shooter? ????


    Bubble Shooter is one of the interactive games most famous bubble shooter known, due to its ease of play and being very intuitive. You could say that It is a mixture of two other very famous games like the "tetris" and the "connect four", which makes Bubble Shooter a very fun game. 

    The goal Bubble Shooter is very simple: collect as many points as possible destroying colored bubbles. In order to destroy the bubbles, it is necessary to connect at least three bubbles of the same color.

    History of Bubble Shooter : )

    story bubble shooter

    It is a fun and popular puzzle game which we have all played at some time. However, many do not know that its roots are in a game that came out in the japanese arcades in the 80s, and it was originally called Bubble Bobble. It was not until the 90s that it reached the West, but with some changes from the original game.

    Bubble Bobble It was released in 1986 on Japanese arcades. In it, two little dragons, Bub and Bob, were facing a adventure, with some elements of puzzles and battles against enemies thematic at each stage.

    With a graphic according to the time, and reminiscent of Japanese cartoons, the game stood out in the market for being fun and addictive, something essential for an arcade. Furthermore, it was one of the first games to use the concept of "multiple endings", something that would only become popular in more modern games. Depending on the player's performance, the end of the adventure could be different

    As at first, the game was only successful in Japan,  in 1994, the production company Taito decided to rescue its famous characters and release them in a new title. This time called Puzzle Bubble, and with pure puzzle mechanics. The game was an instant hit.

    With this new version, they managed to do something different from what they were used to. They put aside the platforms with enemies to make us enter the puzzle game of matching pieces of the same color to score points. But, unlike Tetris, another hit of the time, the pieces came from the bottom up, released by Bub and Bob.

    If you fill the screen with pieces you will get a Game Over. Among the pieces that were thrown, which were water bubbles, were the villains of the classic game for reference.

    Two players they could participate cooperatively and score points together. The idea was to introduce the characters of the last decade to a new generation of players, but this time with a new face. And it worked.

    Types of Bubble Shooter


    There are more than 30 versions of this famous game, but the most relevant ones created for video consoles would be:

    • Ultra Bust-A-Move and Puzzle Bobble Live for Xbox console.
    • Bust-A-Move Deluxe for the PSP.
    • Puzzle Bobble 3D for Nintendo (3DS).
    • Puzzle Bobble Online exclusively for PC.
    • Puzzle Bubble Disney (IOS).
    • Bubble Shooter, free.

    Of all those mentioned, without a doubt, the most successful clone of Bust-A-Move is Bubble Shooter 

    Bubble Shooter has a simple look with a direct proposal. This time the game is not so concerned with inserting the classic elements of the series it was inspired by, but rather, with maintaining the addictive gameplay that made it popular.

    The game maintains the scheme of throwing the spheres up with the arrow, to match their colors, and the point marker. The big difference is that Bubble Shooter is offered for free in browsers or mobile applications, while its original is intended for game consoles or PC.

    Bubble Shooter Rules 😍

    bubble games

    Your main target in Bubble Shooter it is remove all colored balls from the screen shooting colored balls with a cannon. 

    Remember you must match at least three balls of the same color so that all these explode, and in that way finish the screen with all the eliminated balls. The colors of the balls coming out of the barrel are random, so it is not as easy as it sounds.

    To do this, you must touch the screen in the direction in which you want to shoot with the cannon, taking into account the color of the ball that is fired to find its equal. 

    In addition to having our ability When choosing where to place the balls, it is also very important to have good aim. Aiming wrong or in the wrong direction can lead to a fatal result.

    You must be careful because if the rows of colored balls reach the canyon, you have lost the game and you must start over.


    If you have few balls left to finish the game, or the colors of the ball that come out of the barrel do not help you to eliminate balls, we will show you this trick.

    Place the colored balls that you are not interested in about one (or ones) of the same color that you already have on the screen, for example on two balls roses These first balls will act as a base of the following, and once you get that color you need to break that foundation, all the balls that are on it will also disappear.

    This way you can finish the game victoriously and prevent the balls from reaching the cannon causing you to lose.

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