8 best programs to swipe on PC

8 best programs to swipe on PC

8 best slideshow software on PC


Anyone who needs a slideshow maker can have a number of options, either to download to the computer or use online in the browser. There are tools that allow you to create presentations with text, music, photos and videos. In many of them, it is not even necessary to have experience in applications of this type to beautify them. Check out!


    1. Prezi

    Prezi may be the ideal choice for those who want to create dynamic presentations. The slides perform smart movements and zoom to direct your gaze to what matters. There are several options for ready-made templates that are fully editable, into which you can insert graphics, YouTube videos, and photos.

    The free plan (Basic) allows you to configure up to 5 projects, which are visible to other users of the service. You can invite other people to edit your work online.

    • Prezi (free, with payment plan options): Web

    2. PowerPoint

    PowerPoint is one of the pioneers when it comes to slideshows. The program offers dozens of templates and a variety of custom transition and animation effects. It is possible to insert videos, photos, music, graphics, tables, among other elements.

    The user can also count on the screen recording function of the presentation, including narrations. As well as taking notes that are only visible to those who are presenting. The software tends to be very intuitive for those who already use other applications in the Office suite.

    • Power point (paid): Windows | macOS
    • PowerPoint online (free, with a paid plan option): Web

    3. Zoho Show

    Zoho Show is an application very similar to PowerPoint, with the advantage of being free. The service is also compatible with the Microsoft application, being able to open and save the content in pptx. Online, allows you to edit together with up to 5 people without having to pay.

    The application offers dozens of slide templates and themes, which can be easily mixed. It is possible to insert photos, GIFs and videos (from PC or YouTube) and incorporate links from Twitter and some other sites, such as SoundCloud. There are also tools for transition effects and image editing.

    • Zoho Show (free, as an option for paid plans): Web

    4. Google Presentations

    Google Slides (or Google Slides) is part of the Drive package. With an easy to use interface, it offers theme options on the right side of the screen. Template editing functions are highlighted on the toolbar.

    The project can be executed by several people at the same time, only that the creator informs the link or invites. The application allows you to insert photo, sound, table, graph, diagram, YouTube videos, etc. The result can be viewed online or saved with pptx, PDF, JPEG, among other formats.

    • Google Presentations (free, with option to paid plans): Web

    5. Keynote conference

    Native program for presentations of Apple devices, Keynote has several templates prepared for those who do not want to waste time. There are still dozens of transition effects. You can highlight text with shadows and textures and draw the path of objects, such as shapes and images.

    The user can insert photos, videos, music, among other elements. If iCloud integration is enabled, it is possible to edit with other people, even if they are using Windows. The application can read pptx projects and save them in Microsoft software format.

    • Fundamental (free): macOS

    6. Greatly

    Genially is an option to make beautiful slides without having knowledge of presentation applications. The website offers various templates, with a wide variety of layouts. There are options for slides with featured lists, images or phrases, timeline, and more.

    So use the ones you need and discard the others. You can edit each one and insert photos, GIFs, videos, and audios, as well as interactive graphics. The only thing is that the free version is available to other users of the service.

    • Affably (free, with option to paid plans): Web

    7. Ice Cream Slideshow Maker

    Icecream Slideshow Maker is another option for those who prefer to download the program on PC and work offline. The application is intended to create photographic presentations with music.

    But it is possible to insert text content and use different audio for each slide or the same song throughout the project. The free version allows you to save the result only to Webm and offers a limit of 10 photos per presentation.

    • Ice Cream Slideshow Maker (free with limited resources): Windows

    8. Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark is an online editor that offers an intuitive presentation tool. In addition to the theme options, there are also clickable slide designs on the right side of the screen. It is possible to insert photo, video, text, music and even record your voice.

    The duration of each image can be easily changed, in the lower right corner. If you want to create multiple hands, you can share the link or invite whoever you want. The content can be viewed online or downloaded in video format (MP4). The free version includes the Adobe Spark logo.

    • Adobe Spark (free, but has paid plans): Web

    Tips for making a good slideshow

    The following tips are from Aaron Weyenberg, UX Leader for TED, a short, multi-thematic conference project. The content is available in its entirety on the TEDBlog itself. Check out some of them.

    1. Think about the audience

    Don't think of slides as an annotation tool to base your presentation on. They must be made for the public, taking into account the delivery of a visual experience that adds to what has been said.

    Avoid entering too much text. According to Weyenberg, this divides the attention of the audience, who do not know whether to read what is written or listen to what is said. If there is no alternative, distribute the content into topics and show them one at a time.

    2. Maintain a visual standard

    Try to maintain color tones, font categories, images, and transitions throughout the presentation.

    3. Don't overdo the effects

    It also doesn't use transitions. For the expert, the more dramatic options give the impression that their presentation will be so boring and only those exaggerated effects will lift the audience out of their depression.

    Indicate the use of these resources in a moderate way and preferably only those that are more subtle.

    4. Don't use autoplay on videos

    Some presentation programs allow you to play videos as soon as the slide opens. Weyenberg explains that many times it takes a long time for the file to start playing and the presenter clicks the pin one more time to try and start.

    Result: the next slide ends up showing too soon. To avoid these types of restrictions, the best option is not to opt for the self-reproduction.

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