3D models in Google with AR effects (places, planets and human body)

3D models in Google with AR effects (places, planets and human body)


Not long ago we talked about the possibility of being able to see 3D models of animals in augmented reality, with a truly realistic effect. In fact, it is enough to search in Google, using the smartphone (it does not work from a PC), the name of an animal, for example the dog, to see a "View in 3D" button appear. By pressing this button, not only does the animal appear on the screen moving as if it were real, but it is also possible to see it with an augmented reality effect as if it were in front of us, on the floor of our room, and also take a photo of the same.

Although all the blogs and newspapers have talked about 3D animals, which went viral about a year ago, nobody has realized that in Google it is possible to see in 3D models and with an augmented reality effect not only animals, but also many others stuff. . There are more than 100 3D elements to use for fun, for school and for study, which can be found on Google by doing specific searches, all with the possibility of being able to see them in augmented reality on compatible smartphones (almost all modern Android smartphones and iPhone).

Below, therefore, a comprehensive list of the many 3D models to google with AR effect. Note that for the "View in 3D"You need to search with exact specific words and that almost always doesn't work if you try to do that search by translating it into Italian or other languages. You can still try to search for anything by searching for the name and then the word"3d".


    Look for special places

    For United Nations World Tourism Day 2020, Google partnered with digital archivists from CyArk and the University of South Florida to research 3D models of 37 historical and cultural sites. Just find the original name (so no translations, just the one not in parentheses in the list) of one of the monuments on your phone and scroll down until you find the key that shows it in 3D.

    • Chunakhola Masjid - Nime Dome Mosque - Shait Gombuj Masjid (There are three historical mosques in Bangladesh, each with a 3D model)
    • Fort York National Historic Site (Canada)
    • Normandy American Cemetery (France)
    • Brandenburg Gate (Germany)
    • Pirene Fountain (Corinth, Greece)
    • Temple of apollo (Naxos, Greece)
    • India Gate (India)
    • Throne room of the Temple of Eshmun (Lebanon)
    • Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City (Mexico)
    • Chichén Itzá (Pyramid in Mexico)
    • Palace of Fine Arts (Mexico)
    • Eim ya kyaung temple (Myanmar)
    • Church of Hagia Sophia, Ohrid (Ohrid in Macedonia)
    • Buddha statues in Jaulian (Pakistan)
    • Lanzón stele at Chavin de Huántar - Ritual Rooms in Tschudi Palace, Chan Chan - Tschudi Palace, Chan Chan (in Peru)
    • Moai, Ahu Nau Nau - Moai, Ahu Ature Huki - Moai, Rano Raraku (Easter Island / Rapa Nui)
    • House of San Ananías (Syria)
    • Lukang Longshan Temple (Taiwan)
    • Great Mosque, Kilwa Island (Tanzania)
    • Autthaya - Wat phra si sanphet (Thailand)
    • Mausoleum of Emperor Tu Duc (Vietnam)
    • edinburgh castle (UK)
    • Lincoln memorial - Martin Luther King Monument - Mesa Verde - NASA Apollo 1 Mission Memorial - Thomas Jefferson Monument (U.S)
    • Chauvet winery (Chauvet cave, cave paintings)

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    Google and the NASA have teamed up to bring a large collection of 3D celestial bodies to your smartphone, not only planets and moons, but also some objects like asteroids like Ceres and Vesta. You can find AR versions of most of these items simply by searching for their names (look them up in English with the word 3D and Nasa for example Mercury 3D o Venus 3D Nasa) and scroll down until you find the "View in 3D".

    Planets, moons, celestial bodies: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Luna, Mars, Phobos, We say, Jupiter, Europe, Calisto, Ganymede, Saturn, Titan, Mimas, Tethy, Iapetus, Hyperion, Uranus, Umbriel, Titania, Oberon, Ariel, Neptuno, Triton, Pluto.

    Spaceships, satellites and other things: 70 meter 3d antenna nasa, Apollo 11 Command Module, Cassini, Curiosity, Delta II, GRACE-FO, Juno, Neil Armstrong's spacesuit, SMAP, Spirit, Voyager 1

    If you want to see the ISS in 3D, you can download NASA's Spacecraft AR app, based on the same AR technology used by Google.

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    Human body and biology

    After exploring space, it is also possible to explore the human body in 3D thanks to Visible body. You can then Google, from your smartphone, the English terms for many parts of the human body and other elements of biology, along with the words 3D visible body to be able to discover the models in augmented reality.

    Organs and parts of the body. (always search with Visibile Body 3D, for example rib body visible 3d): appendix, brain, coccyx, cranial nerve, ear, eye, foot, by the, hand, corazón, lung, mouth, muscle flexing, cuello, nose, ovary, pelvis, platelet, Red blood cell, rib, shoulder, skeleton, small / large intestine, stomach, synapse, testicle, thoracic diaphragm, language, windpipe ,vertebra

    Always adding terms to searches 3D visible body You can also search for the following anatomical systems: central nervous system, circulatory system, endocrine system, Excretory system, female reproductive system, human digestive system, integumentary system, lymphatic system, male reproductive system, muscular system, nervous system, peripheral nervous system, Respiratory system, skeletal system, upper respiratory tract, urinary system

    Cell structures: animal cell, bacterial capsule, b, cell membrane, cellular wall, Central vacuole, chromatin, cisterns, crests, endoplasmic reticulum, eukaryote, fimbria, flagellum, Golgi apparatus, mitochondria, nuclear membrane, nucleolus, plant cell, plasma membrane, plasmids, prokaryotic, ribosomes, rough endoplasmic reticulum, smooth endoplasmic reticulum

    Surely there are many more 3D models yet to be searched, and we will add more to this list as they are discovered (and if you want to report other 3D models found on Google, leave me a comment).


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