Snake Game: how to play Step by step? 🙂

    Jugar backgammon línia for free, simply    follow these step-by-step instructions:

        . Open your preferred navegador and go to the game website

       . As soon as you enter the website, the game will already be displayed on the screen. You just have to clic  Play  and you can start Choosing the configuration that you like the most. You will be able to choose between the classic mode and the obstacle mode (adventure) 🙂

    Step 3. Here   are some useful buttons. You can "   Add or remove sound   ", Press the" Play  "Button and start playing, you can"   Pause   "I"   Reinicia   "At any time.

    Pas 4.    To win the game you have to destroy the sequence of colored balls by throwing bubbles. When you put together three or more of the same color they are eliminated.

    Pas 5.      After Completing a game, clic  "Restart"  to start over.🙂

    Què és el Snake Game? 🐍


    El Joc de serps is a game for mobile phones, vídeo consoles and computers, in which the main objective is to guide the snake 's head across the screen , Trying to eat the apples that are randomly distributed along its path. In order not to lose, you must avoid hitting the walls and the snake 's tail.

    Its simplicity makes it a very special game. You only need to use the arrows on your keyboard to guide the snake to victory.

    History of the game 🤓

    history of snake game


    Snake was born es Blockade in October 1976 In the original game you were dealing with other rivals.

    The goal was for your enemies to collide with you or themselves while you were still standing. You could only moure 90 degrees in each movement and for this you had the classic directional buttons.

    In the most famous versio of Snake Game, the variant to take into account and which is our enemy is ourselves, since we can collide with any part of us if we are not careful.

    Versions of Blockade and Snake there were many. Atari created two versions for the Atari 2600,  Dominos     envoltar . For its part, a versio called  Cuc was programada for  Commodore and Apple II computers .

    And in 1982 a game titled Nibbler was released , starring a snake in a setting reminiscent of the Pac-Man labyrinth (1980).

    A variant,  Ronca  (1991) came to be shipped with MS-DOS as the QBasic sample program. And in 1992, a versio called  Rattler Race  was included with the second Microsoft Entertainment Pack, a collection of games, some of which were integrated into successive versions of Windows, such as Minesweeper or FreeCell.

    With this resumeix, it was not surprising that Nokia bet on Blockade / Snake / Nibbler as the defecte joc for their Nokia phones. The dynamics were simple and Addictive, it was fun, and its technical requirements were very straightforward.

    Snake Game Types ☝️

    snake game

    Snake Game is a classic mobile and computer game of the time, sota we should not be surprised to find múltiple variants of this game . The reason why it continues to be versioned is its Addictive power and simplicity when playing, and there are no more reasons to continue including it in the market.

    With all this, the game that was created in the 70s is not a forgotten one, and we are going to name just a few variants of the Snake Game.

    Nokia Snake 1

    És el original Snake recreated for the Nokia S60. This is the versio that is talked about when we mentioned that we were playing Snake Game on our mobile.


    Snake The Original Snake . It is the Snake compatible with iPhone phones. In this version they wanted to give it the vintage look that it had in the first mobiles.

    TiltSnake . Utilitza the accelerometer.

    Mobile Snake. Snake clàssic per a iPhone i iPod touch.


    GeoSnake. This version has a new function different from what we usually see, and that is that you have new functions using  different geographical maps.

    Snake The Original. Keeps the graphics of old mobiles es faithful as possible.

    Game consoles

    And even the most famous consoles, with graphics and features not comparable to the 90s, have not been able to resist releasing their versio of the Snake Game . All of them have inclòs something new in their new version, but keeping their essence of Snake Game. Among them are the PSP, Play Station 3, WII, Nintendo DS and Xbox 360.


    snake for movile

    Snake is kept very simple ambdós visualment and in terms of gameplay. The focus is on a snake that players can steer in four directions: left, right, up and down .

    The píxels (Apples) appear randomly a la pantalla and must be Captured with the head of the snake. With each píxel Consumed, not only the player 's score increases, but also the total length of the queue by one unit.

    Thus, the space on the screen is getting smaller and smaller, which in turn increases the level of Difficulty continuously. The game ends when the snake touches the edge of the playing field or your own body.

    Like many arcade classics, Snake has been offered in numerous variations es an internet flash game for several years. Depending on the variant, additional Obstacles are placed in the path of the players to increase the level of Difficulty.

    To enable a higher total number of points, bonus points have been added to some versions.

    Tips ✅

    classic snake

    The funny thing about the joc is that its operation is simple, and it does not seem that it is necessary for them to tell us any trick to avoid crashing. At the end of the day we have the entire screen to spin Endlessly. But the same thing always happens to us, we trap ourselves inside the snake 's body without any way of getting out of there.

    Well, do not expect tricks of infinite lives or how to make a piece of our Snake disappear in a Miraculous way, no. These are some simple tips to keep in mind if we want our snake to grow and not get trapped inside it.


    At first, it is very easy to move around the screen with sense sentit ziga-zagues because we have Plenty of space, but there menges a time when this is impossible due to the size of our Snake.

    Here we recommend that you always start to turn around the snake from the inside out , This way you will avoid leaving the head trapped between the body.


    This is the main mission of our Snake, she must eat apples in order to grow. Well, here is another common mistake, and that is that you should not go directly to them without bearing in mind the first advice. Keep the Snake 's body under control at all times, since if not, you will most likely end up colliding with part of the tail.

    Si és necessari, skirt the apple until you are sure you have control over your entire snake.

    Did you know this game? We hope that since you do have the story of this joc i the way to play it, you will see how emocionant pot ser.

    You have this game available right here and it is also lliure, so there are no excuses to start playing and spend hours glued to the screen.

    Long live mobile games!

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