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Brain Games. Developing logical reasoning through Brain Games is important. Not only does it help you get good results in a job interview or college exams, but it has also been instrumental in keeping your brain exercised, improving memory, and making simple tasks easier to perform .

If you think you haven't trained your brain in a while, you should start doing it. You should know that their capacity for development and learning remains until the end of life, so it is never too late to train your thinking.


    BrainGames: how to play step by step?ūüí°

    To play checkers online for free, just  follow these step-by-step instructions :

    Step 1 . Open your preferred browser and go to the game website.

    Step 2 . As soon as you enter the website, the game will already be displayed on the screen. You just have to click  Play and you can start playing.

    Step 3.  Here are some useful buttons. You can " Add or remove sound ", hit the " Play " button and start playing, you can " Pause " and " Restart " at any time.

    Step 4. Get the cards up keeping in mind that they must be from the same pair. The game ends when you manage to raise all the cards. As soon as you finish, you will pass the level until completing the game.

    Step 5.  After completing a game, click  "Restart"  to start over.

    Meaning of Brain Game ūüôā

    brain games

    Brain Games, or reasoning games , are games that stimulate and instigate human logical reasoning in order to achieve good execution.

    These games have the characteristic  of developing the human rational side,  making the user have to use, to a great extent, their intellectual side to reach the correct solution.

    These reasoning games are widely used by therapists. Both for medical advice, as part of the routine in the residences, the elderly perform these mental exercises in order to avoid diseases.

    Examples of Brain Game include crosswords, word puzzles, riddles, Sudoku puzzles and a long etc.

    Benefits of Brain Game gamesūü§ď

    juegos de inteligenciajuegos de inteligencia

    Mental exercise is very beneficial. According to studies, certain memory training exercises can increase "intelligence flow," the ability to reason and solve new problems.

    There are two game modes for Brain Games. There are individual games and group games.

    Individual games

    Individual Brain Games stimulate logical, analytical, visuospatial reasoning, motor coordination, working memory, and lateral thinking.

    When a person plays alone, they experience a moment of intense introspection and exercise their power of interpretation and problem solving . At that time, you have the ability to create analytical and life-applicable systems.

    Collective games

    Collective games , for their part, simulate competitive and / or cooperative situations , putting into practice all the skills mentioned above, in addition to interpersonal relationships.

    Now that we know the advantages of having an active mind, it would be best to include Brain Game exercises in our daily routine in order to benefit from all these improvements and obtain a bigger mind.

    Types of Brain Games ūüí°



    The game was created by the American Howard Garns and helps in the training of logical mathematical reasoning, concentration and planning . You can find it online or in magazines.



    Playing checkers makes us exercise both brain hemispheres . Psychologists and neurobiologists have studied how strategy games help brain function, and it has been found that playing checkers causes multitudes of brain areas to activate simultaneously, which also helps prevent Alzheimer's.

    Amazing Alex

    amazing alex

    From the same creators of Angry Birds, the amazing Alex game encourages the user to develop their strategic skills in order to solve the problems presented and pass the stage.

    Plumber Duck

    plumber duck

    In this game the user has the mission to connect the tubes in the same colors and create a sequence. There are several challenges that help with reasoning, problem solving, agility, and concentration.

    Alphabet soup

    Alphabet soup


    An old game that still manages to attract players from all over the world. The premise is simple: be able to form words in the middle of a tangle of random letters . In addition to the versions printed in magazines, it is possible to find the game for mobile versions.


    reinas ajedrez

    Considered a sport, chess improves imagination, creativity, the development of social, cognitive and communication skills . In addition, the game is an important ally for brain training. The game can be played physically or online on chess game websites and applications.
    With these Brain Games you can train your mind and be able to better deal with logic questions, either for your exams or simply because you want to keep your mind in shape.

    Brain Games RulesūüďŹ

    brain games rules

    Logic games do not have universal rules, each one is played with its own rules, but they have something in common.

    We need to activate cognitive knowledge such as observing, recognizing, identifying, comparing, locating. And use logical reasoning, planning ahead, decision-making and even intuition to be able to play the games fluently and skillfully.

    As an¬†example of Brain Game we can use chess¬†.¬†If we read its rules, specific movements, strategies that can be followed to snatch pieces from the adversary and end up killing the King, we can get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčhow complex and fantastic this type of entertainment is to our mind.

    Brain Games Tips ūü§ď

    Logic games pose a challenge to our brain, and even our patience. When choosing a Brain Game, start with simple games that challenge your mind.

    Some simple but fun are memory games . Start by remembering the position and drawing of a few cards, and increase the number as your holding capacity increases. Besides being rewarding, it is a game for all ages , so you can play with your children.

    The main mission of these games is fun, since by entertaining you, they will make your mind not tire so quickly and the cognitive skills that these challenges imply can be developed , without even realizing it.

    Take advantage of the many benefits that Brain Games provide and have fun with the thousands of games that are within this family.

    What are you waiting to hit the play?

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